Animal Jam Cheats and Codes for FREE Diamonds, Gems & Membership

animal jam hack for diamonds and gems

National Geographic’s Animal Jam is virtual playground designed for kids who love the outdoors. Players start by creating an avatar of their favorite animal. Players can also build houses for their characters, adopt pets, play games, interact with other players, complete missions and explore the world of Animal Jam.

To make gameplay easier and more exciting, some players use Animal Jam codes for free diamonds and gems. Once found in every other issue of the National Geographic KIDS magazine, codes are now posted on the Animal Jam blog and website. Players can use codes to unlock gems and special items. We’ve compiled a list of Animal Jam cheats and codes below. Note: All cheats are user-submitted, and some may no longer work.

Working Animal Jam Codes for Free Gems (Updated:March, 2015)

Here are the latest codes you can use for free gems. Enjoy!

  • newyear15 – 500 gems
  • friends – 1000 gems
  • friendship – 500 gems
  • outback – 500 gems
  • ajrocks – 500 gems
  • pets – 500 gems
  • winter – 500 gems
  • ajbday4 – Animal Jam 4th birthday cake
  • ngk2015 – 1000 gems
  • adventure – 500 gems
  • tigris – 500 gems
  • ganges – 500 gems
  • chimbu – 500 gems
  • drawing – 500 gems
  • shadows – 500 gems
  • explorer – 100 gems

Working Animal Jam Codes in 2015

On the Animal Jam log in page, enter the code in the box below your username and password. Codes are not case sensitive.

an animal party Funanimalparty
animals Animals
birthday cake Ajbday
clover blanket (worth 5 gems) Lowcoats
clover blanket Coats
create your own hairstyle Motes
den with a skate ramp Lope
free restaurant den (members only) Lunch
freedom hat Hat
green gecko Gecko
host your own party Yearsparty
lion Kingofthejungle
nonexistent animal Cows
one free member den Funtime
pair of pants Pants
rainbow glove Rainbow
red glove Redglove
shoes Feet
underwater ship den (members only) Ship

Animal Jam Codes for Diamonds and Gems

Finding working codes for diamonds and gems can be tough! Try the Animal Jam diamond codes and gems listed here and let us know if they worked for you.

  • twelve
  • Explorer
  • Treat
  • Phantoms
  • Treat
  • Feast
  • Safe
  • Deepsea
  • Jamaalidays
  • Bears
  • Campwild
  • Celebrate
  • Coralreef
  • Croc
  • Danceparty
  • Discovery
  • Explore2012
  • Festival
  • Foodfight
  • Gorilla
  • Hammock
  • Moviebytes
  • Newyearjam
  • Peskyphantoms
  • Playfree
  • Playsmart
  • Playwild
  • Potion
  • Roar
  • Speedy
  • Spooky
  • Treasure

Animal Jam Cheats for Gems, Money Items and More

Appondale glitch Stand on the right side of the tree in Appondale. Click the tree and go up.
Castle den glitch Go into a castle den and stand at the edge of the bottom step right on the corner. Click on the very top of the stair tower. While you’re walking, quickly switch animals and select the animal you’re currently using. When you’re near the top of the stairs, click the piece of sky under the brown beam. You’ll be able to access the sky.
Coral Canyons glitch Go to Coral Canyons and look for the bridge near the waterfall. Look for the plant and click on it. Then right click to make your animal move forward and backwards.
Disappearing trick Go to Crystal Sands and go to the top of the slides near the entrance to Mt. Shiveer. Click the sky beside the water slide to disappear. To fly, click “change animal” while you’re still in the air.
Epic wonder glitch Click on someone’s name and then click on the game tab. Click anywhere near the orb thing and click any game. Exit.
Gecko glitch Enter the code “gecko” in the log in page. Click on your gift more than once and go to another room. You will get a gecko each time you enter a different room.
Get multiple daily presents If the arrows are not spinning, click your present several times. If the present is money, your gems may multiply by the number of times you clicked on the present.
Go under the bridge While you are up in the sky, click on the edge of a bridge and you will go under the bridge.
Light blue glitch When you’re switching your animal color, click on the very edge of the purple color in the bottom left corner of the Color 1 set. You’ll turn light blue instead of purple.
Lost Temple of Zios glitch Go to the temple and stand between the window and Brady Barr’s laboratory. First click on the door and then quickly click on the window. Keep on clicking until you go on the laboratory wall.
Prize Claw Machine glitch Go to the machine in the movie theater. Play until you win something, and then quickly click on “Drop” while your prize is going up. Press “Play” again and the claw should still be in the same position. Click “Drop” again to win another prize. You can do this multiple times.
Temple of Trivia glitch Enter the temple and exit. Enter again and you’ll see the same question. Repeat several times to increase your gems.

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