Bike Race (Free and Pro) Hacks & Cheats

Bike Race hack is a simple online tool that you can use right on your browser. It has recently been updated with some very cool new features that we will cover shortly.

The latest patch finally makes the tool work on iOS as well as Android, which was supported in the previous version. Also, no need to mess with jailbreaking or rooting. Who has time for that nonsense?!

Let’s find out what you are actually getting when using this hack for Bike Race Pro.

Hack Bike Race Free and Pro to Unlock All Bikes and Tracks

One of the problems we were running into with the beta version of Bike Race hack tool was people were getting banned by using it. We’ve beefed up the secure connection by now using proxy and high level encryption (256 bit AES)

Check out the full feature list below:

  • Unlock all bikes
  • Unlock all tracks
  • Ad-blocker! No more annoying ads when playing the free version
  • No download needed because this is an online hack
  • Upgrade Bike Race Free to Bike Race Pro
  • Proxy support with encryption to hide your location

Top 10 Bike Race Cheats Tips and Glitches to Exploit

Bike Race free is a game that is fun to play and challenging at the same time. If you are having quite a hard time with some levels, this is the perfect place to know the different tips and tricks you should remember while playing the game. Own the races in no time by simply following these advice and you will surely thank us for the Bike Race pro cheats that would follow.

1. Be safe than sorry. Huge jumps are not meant to be pulled off after you’ve had some seconds of gas. In this game, more than performing tricks, you should be able to reach the finish line.

2. Before a jump or gap, you should make sure that you have a nice amount of gas. Some jumps may look easy to the naked eye but in reality, they are something you should prepare for.

3. The girl bike is actually a good one. Once you have acquired it, you may want to consider switching to such.

4. To beat difficult levels, simply hold your finger down and try to avoid tilting your screen. This is actually a good strategy.

5. Never tilt your phone when you are conquering loops. Doing so would make you lose balance.

6. Balance speed and caution all the time to get that three-star rating. Get down tracks as safe as you could.

7. If you want to unlock some stages, there are actually specific parameters for them. To unlock Arctic #2, you should have 132 stars and invite 3 friends in Facebook. For Desert #2, have 108 stars and invite 1 friend in Facebook. Dunes #2 can be unlocked by having 156 stars and having your Ninja Bike unlocked. Lastly, Hills #2 can be unlocked by obtaining 180 stars and unlocking the Silver Bike. You can also use the Bike Race free cheats to unlock all stages.

8. There is actually a tip to get 3 more lives if you only have a single life left. Simply go to your home screen and start the game once more. The bike race will close and a message will say that the race has stopped but you just need to click OK. Afterwards, open a bike race again and you’ll see you have 3 new lives.

9. Bikes may be obtained by completing certain tasks. For example, to have an acrobatic bike, 100% wheelie should be used and 3 stars should be obtained. You may obtain the 3 stars by doing either 2 front flips or 4 back flips.

10. Whenever you need to overcome loops, press down our back tire. Doing so could speed up the bike a little faster.

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