Blitz Brigade Hacks and Cheats for Diamonds

One of Gameloft’s flagship FPS shooter game for Android and iOS, Blitz Brigade is a popular game that has badly needed a working hack for. Because the game is on a freemium model, players often have to resort to using real money to purchase in-game currencies like diamonds and coins.

With the help of Blitz Brigade diamond hack, players now have option of getting in-app purchases for absolutely free. This is a game changer for the fans of Blitz Brigade, no doubt. Read on to find out if the Blitz Brigade cheats can benefit you as it has many others.

Diamond Hack for Blitz Brigade Fully Working Now

By honing in on the server instability, it was possible to code and create the working Blitz Brigade hack tool that functions flawlessly. You can enjoy this online coin generator on following devices:

  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods
  • PC or Mac with any browser

One of the best features of this resource generator is that it requires no downloads and only a short survey to access. Another popular option to getting free coins is through modded APK file but this often requires you to jailbreak or root your device.

By using the online hack for Blitz Brigade, you are opening yourself up to generating unlimited diamonds and coins on demand.

Best Cheats for Blitz Brigade + Tips and Tricks

Blitz Brigade for Android and iOS is now here! Enjoy a shooting game like no other. Capture the flag but with more guns. Play either as Allies or Axis and relive World War II. Kill as many soldiers as you can, capture flags, and avoid getting killed. To do all these with the bet cheats for Blitz Brigade and be sure to read a few tips and tricks that you should follow.

1. Sometimes, the gyroscope may be quite irritating to use. If you want to disable it, go to the options menu and choose controls to turn it off. This way, you don’t need to turn your device anymore just to change directions. You just have to swipe.

2. Get more experience points and coins cheats by playing online and skipping training missions. Training missions may provide a fair number of coins but for experience points, it may not be your best bet.

3. In playing quick games, ignore power ups which you could purchase. Just save your gems and Blitz Brigade cheats for coins once you are playing against people who are just beginners.

4. Strafe sideways when you are shooting an enemy. Doing so could prevent them from shooting you as well. Be a difficult target as much as you can by backing off and taking cover if they are running after you. Once they are not doing so anymore, attack them again.

5. Capture enemy flags by running up to them and waiting until the percentage of the meter is at a hundred percent. This way, you could be awarded with the capture. You could also increase kills by targeting enemies who have been weakened by shots from your other teammates. Get close to them and aim at their heads since headshots cause more damage and this ensures that they are killed in an instant.

6. In the beginning, only the Gunners and Soldiers are available. Gunners are slow but can be hard to kill. They are experts in laying down suppressing fires. Soldiers can capture flags quickly and are versatile. Reach higher levels or unlock the Sniper, Stealth, and Medic using diamonds. The Sniper is not good for close combat but they can be deadly killers from a far distance. Stealths have the knack for melee weapons and silenced guns since they are quick and sneaky. Medics are very important in healing teammates and can handle shotguns at close range very well.

7. Do not spend a lot of loot just for weapons, instead maximize diamonds with cheats for Blitz Brigade. For a battle, prepare different items such as Mark of Vengeance, Smiley Badge, Flashbang Grenade, Sword Damage, and the Auto-Injector.

8. You can always shoot at grenades before they even hit you.

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