Boom Beach Hacks and Cheats for Free Diamonds & Gold

Getting frustrated by getting crushed because you are poor on resources? Want to upgrade your troops instantly without having to spend hours or money out of your wallet for diamonds and gold? Then check out Boom Beach Hack Tool, the premium in-app purchase generator for Supercell’s massively popular mobile game Boom Beach.

Boom Beach Hack Tool Generates Unlimited Diamonds and Gold

Storm the Boom Beach with powerful upgrades you can instantly get through the use of the latest version of Boom Beach Hack Tool. Generating in-app purchases takes only a few minutes of your time that will surely save you hours of your in-game play to accumulate.

The most coveted currency in the game – Diamonds – has finally been made available to generate using our online diamonds and gold generator for Boom Beach. Save yourself a lot of time and money by using the fully tested and working hacks for Boom Beach.

Features of Boom Beach Diamond Generator

Resources are the lifeblood of Boom Beach. Using diamonds and gold to upgrade your troops and resources is the surefire way to conquer your opponents and taste victory. With the use of this free Boom Beach diamonds hack, you can now dominate your way to the top in no time.

  • Generate unlimited Diamonds
  • Generate unlimited Gold
  • (In-Development) Resource boosters for Wood, Stone, Iron
  • 256-bit AES encryption to keep your account anonymous to Supercell servers.

Works with Following Devices

  • All Android devices (NO rooting required)
  • All iOS Devices: Apple iPhone, iPad (NO Jailbreak, Cydia, iFunbox Required)
  • PC
  • Mac

Top 10 Boom Beach Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Boom Beach is a real-time strategy game which is free across a lot of devices, both phones and tablets (iPhone and iPad). Using the cheats for Boom Beach, you can easily gain advanage over your opponents. From the creators of Clash of Clans themselves, play this game if you want to control an army that is based in as island. The game makes use of currency such as diamonds, gold, and gems. Use these for upgrades, mounting offenses, and building defenses.

  1. Build a vault and upgrade it as you progress. Use this for storage of supplies, lumber, and gold which you could use after you have been attacked.
  2. When you are attacking another island, destroy buildings which could give you more ammunition. You could use such to destroy different things or to direct your troops. Make sure to use it immediately as this would not be existent on your next attack.
  3. Upgrade your landing crafts and gunboats whenever possible. This way, your offense is upgraded by being able to carry more troops and fire faster. Ultimately, it would become harder to attach your island and fewer troops would be lost.
  4. As your base grows in size, reorganize your buildings from time to time to make sure that you place them in strategic locations. Just tap it and drag wherever you want it.
  5. Build a good defense by making sure that your entire perimeter is covered. Keep your base’s center covered and make sure you have multiple levels of defense. Learn from your experience by taking note of what makes islands weak.
  6. Instead of using real money, be in the know of how to get free Boom Beach diamond cheat. In the Achievements menu at the upper left side of your screen, unlock different challenges. Another method you could do is to explore your map and find free diamonds in a chest.
  7. Always attack smartly. Avoid guns and make sure you would still earn supplies and wood from structures that would survive your attack.
  8. Build a radar as soon as possible. Explore it so you’d attain gold, medals, and wood. Upgrade your radar whenever possible so you would be able to explore more.
  9. Turn trees into lumber by tapping a tree and hitting the shovel. For 600 gold, you could have 300 lumber which you could use to free villages and build residences.
  10. Upgrade whenever possible with Boom Beach cheats. This gives you more crew, better fighting skills, and more gold and wood.

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