Brave Frontier Hacks and Cheats for Unlimited Gems

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The long awaited Brave Frontier hack is out and as we monitor our readers using it, it has generated a lot of free gems and gold already. This addictive turn-based RPG is easily some of the best mobile strategy and roleplaying game that is available for Android and iOS. So no more being low on gems when you really need that upgrade with this latest hacking tools.

This is an online generator that you can use right on your browser so no program to download and install. So what can you expect form using such a powerful tool? You may be asking, what about ways to hack Brave Frontier for Karma, Energy and Arena Energy? All this will be covered below so check it out.

How to Hack Brave Frontier for Free Gold and Gems

Released in 2015, Brave Frontier hack tool is the premier generator for infinite gems and gold. How does it work? The developer of this tool found a database exploit that can quietly add free gems and gold to your account.

But that’s not all!

This isn’t simply a gold and gems hack for Brave Frontiers. It also has the ability to add Energy, Karma and Arena Energy. This latest feature is in the beta stage but released in the public version for you to test. From our testings, it works about 9 / 10 times.


  • Add up to 10,000 gems and/or gold in one turn
  • Get free energy, karma and arena energy instantly.
  • Using proxies and vpns, Brave Frontier gem generator keeps your account anonymized and safe
    In next release, you will have option to add to your Honor Points cheat.
  • Works on All Android devices
  • Works on All Apple iOS devices including iPhone and iPad
  • No root or jailbreaking needed!
  • No password or verification needed

Little Known Brave Frontier Cheats and Glitches

Brave Frontier is another of the newly released role playing games which games would surely enjoy. Whether you enjoy multiplayer raids, looting, arena battles, and making allies, this game is surely something you would enjoy. But of course, in order to make your gaming experience a challenging one, you should be able to have skilled warriors. How would you do that? Well you better be prepared for the tips and tricks that follow.

Upgrade your synthesizer so you could maximize the item stock area of your town. Stock up on curing items so when you would go to battle, you’d be loaded. Also, offer karma to the synthesizer of your town so you could get more gems with cheats for Brave Frontiers. The better your synthesizer is, the more you could benefit from it.

It is important to keep tabs on the daily events that are happening around. Mondays are for karma (Congregation of Souls). Tuesdays are for evolution materials such as spirits, idols, and elemental nymphs (Enchanted Paradise). Wednesdays are for evolution materials such as mimics (Cave of Desires. Thursdays are for 4-star evolution materials such as totems (Oasis of the Gods). Fridays are for crafting and EXP materials (Hostile Relics). Lastly, the weekends are for synthesis currency and fusion such as zel (The Golden Vault).

For brave burst attacks, save them for boss encounters as you might need them more there. However, if there’s no boss encounter anytime soon, you may try using it. Brave boosts that target enemies and heal allies at once are the best.

And just like how you should know your daily events, you should also be informed of the different status ailments.

  • Poison decreases HP but can be cured with an antidote
  • Weakness decreases defensive strength but can be cured with a tonic
  • Brave Frontier cheat codes for gems gives you access to free resources
  • Sickness decreases recovery strength but can be cured with tonic as well
  • Injury decreases attack strength but tonic may be used as cure
  • Paralysis causes inability to perform actions but a stimulant may be used as cure
  • Curse affect BB gauge stops filling and prevents them from being used but holy water could do the trick

Lastly, you should be able to know the different existing elements well. Fire is stronger than earth, water is stronger than fire, thunder is stronger than water, and earth is stronger than thunder. Fire is red, earth is green, water is blue, and thunder is yellow.

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