Call of Mini Infinity Hacks and Cheats for Android and iOS

If you are expecting a genuine FPS experience from Call of Mini Infinity, you may be sadly disappointed. However, if you curb your enthusiasm a bit and enjoy the game for what it is, it can be immensely fun and entertaining.

Today, we release the newly updated Call of Mini Infinity hack tool which has been generating a lot of interests.

How to Hack Call of Mini Infinity with Online Generator

If you can read the texts on this website, then you are competent enough to use the Call of Mini Infinity cash cheat tool. Although the words like hacking can sound technical and difficult, this online tool was created for everyday user like you.

No complicated usage of cydia, ifunbox or ifile are needed, which can mess up your phone. Simply start the Call of Mini Infinity hack and add unlimited ammos and cash all for free.

Hack Features

  • Generate up to 999,999 cash per use
  • Generate up to 999,999 ammo per use
  • No Jailbreaking needed for your Apple iPhones or iPads
  • No rooting required for your Android devices
  • Safe and secure hacking via proxy and advanced encryption

Get More Cash with Call of Mini Infinity Cheats Tips and Tricks

The game is included in Triniti Interactive’s Call of Mini series. Call of Mini in particular, focuses on multiplayer options such as one on one duels or even four vs four death matches. There are also modes that a player could unlock such as fighting for cash by using Call of Mini Infinity cheat codes and king of the hill.

While you’re at it, unlock as many as you could and stack up your crystals and gold. Participate in battles, kill, and win! To successfully do so, you should be well aware of the tips and tricks below and use the cheats for Call of Mini Infinity for free cash and ammo.

1. In the beginning, you might experience that you are getting killed a lot of times but don’t fret. Other players may have just unlocked better weapons as time passed. Don’t lose hope and remain competitive. While shooting, run towards your opponent and push them on your defense. Remember, the more you kill, the more you get gold. As you earn gold, you would be able to upgrade weapons.

2. As you play more, you get more experience as well. You may be able to unlock other skills such as setting up gun turrets, throwing grenades, and even generating electromagnetic force fields.

3. The grenade is advisable for modes of group play when the opponent is locked in a shootout with your team. Set gun turrets in areas where there is high traffic and in areas where players get respawned after being killed.

4. It is advisable to build camps at respawn points since these are surely easy kills. There is little time for the opponents to be invincible but they are still easy targets. Just follow them until they are not invincible anymore then shoot them in the head immediately.

5. Whenever you level up, you get gold and crystals which you could use for upgrades. You could always use real money to purchase crystals but it’s better if you won’t. A tip to have crystals is to go to the store and find Tapjoy’s offers which you could click to earn crystals.

6. Once you have unlocked the blue shield, plant it so you could be able to block attacks coming from the front. Equip it immediately upon having it.

7. Learn how to use your skills slots as you progress through the game. Use these for the blue shield, turret, grenade, and disappearance. These skills are very important so master how to equip them.

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