Castle Clash Hacks & Cheats for Unlimited Gems and Gold

That ‘other’ Clash game has nothing on Castle Clash! That’s right, I personally prefer CC over CoC. It’s easier to pick up and play and much more fun to play with my friends. Anyways, if you are sick of not having enough gems and gold in the game, then you will not want to miss out on Castle Clash hack.

Released in 2015, this is best resource generator for Castle Clash and it is completely free for you to use. Now you can upgrade and level up your heroes at will because adding unlimited gems is as easy as pushing a few button.s

Due to some of the people abusing this tool using automated bots, the developer of the hack tool decided to implement a human test. If you are indeed a real person, you have nothing to worry, right?

Use the Castle Clash Hack Tool for Free Gems and Gold

How can you use Castle Clash hack tool app? First, you will need a web browser. Simply click on the online generator button on this page and you will be taken to a page with clear instructions on how to use it.

You will not be required to download anything and no rooting or jailbreak is needed to make the tool work. A few of my buddies are already ranking in the leaderboard by using this and haven’t been caught due to the anti-ban feature that it enjoys.

Here are the key features of this gem hack for Castle Clash:

  • Generate infinite gems
  • Add unlimited gold and mana to your account for free
  • Works with All Android and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad welcome!) with no long surveys
  • You can also use the generator directly on your PC or Mac. It will add all the resources straight to your account within an hour at most.
  • Proxy option to mask your IP (keep your account safe!)

Best Secret Codes and Cheats for Castle Clash

Castle Clash is now a popular game in the scene of strategy games and it is slowly taking over Android and iOS platforms. The main goal is for you to assemble army troops and heroes to face battles and quests as you travel in dungeons. Fight your way through other heroes and as you go along, you may earn treasures, mana, gold, honor badges, diamonds, and hero shards which all can be gotten easier through Castle Clash cheats. The game is pretty much in-depth and here are a few tips that you should know to advance quickly.

1. Whenever possible, place your buildings close to each other. In doing so, you could save up on building walls. Instead of having a lot of walls, you can just box out your structures. You may also opt to build your walls far from your buildings so ranged troops will have a hard time shooting over your walls.

2. As soon as you can, build an arena to start earning honor badges and to increase your rank quick. Every hour, you could earn honor badges and Castle Clash gem cheats. At a time, you may start off earning 50 and your arena battling rank increases as well. Top players earn as much as thousands per hour and you may even use your honor badges to hire better heroes in the Heroes’ Altar.

3. You can win easily by using your four main troop types. Your short-range troops take up little space while the long-range ones takes up more space, with regard to housing space. Magic users do heavy damages but they have low health. Meanwhile, tanks have high health and can target defensive buildings easily. As a rule of thumb, you may want to send in tanks first so watchtowers could be distracted. After which, send in the short or long-range attackers. For your finisher, use your magic users for long-distance coverage.

4. For a guaranteed win, target the Town Hall. No matter how big or small the damage is, you will surely win. Or if you can’t destroy the Town Hall, better make at least 50% damage in the enemy’s base. If you want a quick win and conserve troops, end the battle immediately just after destroying the Town Hall.

5. Organize your players in a strategic way so you can play your defense well. Have at 5 heroes since this is the maximum number you can deploy. Spread them out strategically. If you have rare heroes, put them in the battlefield. As a hero reaches level 20, upgrade him in the Heroes’ Altar so level ups would keep on coming. Having strong heroes will ensure ease of play and may increase your rank even if you are not actively playing the game.

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