Clash of Lords 2 Hacks and Cheats

Learn the little known secret that is Clash of Lords 2 hacks. Now you can upgrade your base in lightning speed by being able to add jewels and gold with a few clicks.

If you’ve been in envy of all the top players, then you no longer have to be all green in the face. The dirty secret is that most of the top players use the hack to unlock valuable resources.

Using Hacks That Work for Clash of Lords 2

All you need to use the hack tool is having an internet connection and a browser. That’s it! No need to download hacked apk files and install it on your phone using cydia or ifunbox. If you are on Android, you will not need to root your phone or tablet either. Simply run the jewel hack on your browser and it will work as long as the server is not down.

  • Generate free Jewel (max 25,000 per use)
  • Generate free gold (max 25,000 per use)
  • Supports Android and iOS devices without jailbreaking or rooting them
  • Can be used on PC or Mac with any web browser

The use of the Clash of Lords 2 hack requires a short survey and this is because our server simply cannot keep up with the players using it constantly. The cheat tool is very resource intensive so we’ve put in this measure of checking for human verification.

10 Tips and Clash of Lords 2 Cheats To Make Your Gameplay a Breeze! brings us Clash of Lords 2, a strategy game which allows its players to build bases. It’s like Clash of Clans and is equally fun to play. Whether you are a newbie or an expert in games like these, here are a few tips and tricks to get you ready for Clash of Lords 2 cheats.

1. Upgrade whenever possible. As your army multiplies, you should also upgrade buildings and the soldiers themselves. Make it a priority to upgrade your town hall since there are some military upgrades which could not be unlocked if your town hall is not yet upgraded.

2. Build up your defense. When your town gets attacked and you lose, a lot would be taken away from you so do whatever you could to improve your defense.

3. As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers so go ahead and multiply your army. In looking for a base to attack, be sure first that the army you have is enough or maybe it would be better to just produce more men.

4. Fusing heroes is allowed. In doing so, you could have powerful ones and as they go into battle, they become better.

5. Complete events to gain gems. Most of these tasks are fairly simple and fast to complete. The rewards you’d get in the end are surely worth it. Another way to generate a lot of gems quickly is through Clash of Lords 2 gem cheats tool.

6. Before attacking, always think of a strategy. Sometimes, you may choose which side is weaker so you would attack there first. There are different ways in attacking so make sure to plan first before hitting that attack button.

7. Surrendering is not bad at all. If you think you are not going to win, it would be better to surrender so you could save some troops. Anyway, you could get more heroes and have another strategy in case you fail.

8. To power up, load on cards by fighting the same battles all over again. Just make sure you can beat them and if possible, they should be the tough ones that you have beaten as far as you can remember. Hitting three stars will give you three cards.

9. As you log in the game everyday, you’ll get gems. Completing achievements could give you gems cheats for Clash of Lords 2 too. However, don’t be tempted to use your gems to speed up construction. It is still better to use gems to have more builders as this could give a permanent boost.

10. Put your important structures inside walls. These are the town hall, gold vault, storage, and defense towers.

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