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Are you a hardcore Covet Fashion fan? Ever wonder how to hack Covet Fashion? Well I am and I’ve got something for you today. How about a way to generate unlimited diamonds and cash in-game? Yes this is now possible with Covet Fashion hack tool that was just recently released.

At first I was in doubt that such a tool could actually work but my reservations were dispelled instantly after I used the hack for Covet Fashion. I’ve already saved so much money by generated the diamonds that I need instead of purchasing them. Now, I have so much diamonds that I’ve been giving them away to my friends for free!

Hack Tool for Covet Fashion Brings You Unlimited Diamonds and Cash

Whether you are using an Android or Apple iPhone/iPad, it doesn’t matter. You can use the diamond hacks on any web browser. This means you can also generate infinite diamonds on your favorite PC or Mac computers. Over 500 users have used the Covet Fashion diamond cheats in the beta stage and the developers are now proud to release it exclusively on Taste3.

What about cash you ask? Why, cash adder is another key feature that has been placed in the tool.


  • Free to use, but do not abuse the tool! Let’s not ruin it for everyone else by having the developer shut down this ingenuous hack.
  • Get up to 1,000,000 diamonds per generation (limit: use once every 24 hours)
  • Generate 500,000 Cash per usage
  • Establish secure connection to game server so your IP will be concealed

Devices You Can Use This On

Covet Fashion diamond hack works with all Android devices. You will not need to root your phone or tablet to use this hack.

iOS lovers are in luck because diamond and cash adder now works with iPhone and iPad as well. No, you will not need to jailbreak your phone or use Cydia to use the generator.

Simply put, this is the best Covet Fashion game hack you can discover in 2015.

Covet Fashion App Cheats For Diamonds, Cash and More

Covet Fashion is a game which allows the player to shop for clothes and do some styling with over a hundred collections to choose from. This app is basically a great means of connecting brands to their target consumers. In Covet Fashion cheats for Android and iOS, design surely rules. As you dress to impress, increase your ranking and be the most well-known fashionista in the Covet Fashion world. Of course, this won’t be possible if you are not aware of the different tips and tricks to play the game. Read on and find out for yourself.

1. Get new hair and makeup upgrades by making sure that your app’s version is upgraded. Remember that the game is only available to Apple IOS.

2. Reach your minimum closet values to open up new hairstyles. When you reach 50,000 worth of closet value, you could have the hairstyle upgrade.

3. Suggest the game to your friends and you have the chance of getting $1,000. These friends you are to recruit should be really new players who haven’t downloaded the game yet and they should be willing to connect their Facebook accounts to the game. If those requirements are not met, you would not get the money cheats for Covet Fashion.

4. The reset unworn function may be useful at times. Once you have bought something, the buy button is being replaced by this one. Using this could give you 30 stars for a clothing you haven’t used yet. It may also give you another 30 for clothing that are from recent collections. Use this feature for expensive products so you would get the most bang out of your buck.

5. To get bonus points, wear seasonal clothes underneath. This could give you .30 stars. Always stack on items. You may even wear swimmers even if you are wearing a dress, leggings even if you are already wearing pants, and socks even if you are wearing a long gown.

6. Enter time-based events whenever possible. Even if you don’t win in them, entering them alone could give you between $100 to $500.

7. Be aware of jetset events and join in them. For a set of 3, you could earn as many as 500 units with Covet Fashion diamond cheat. While you’re at it, do these events over and over to add up to your total score.

8. You could win a new item if you get 4 stars in limited time events. This could be used to increase your closet value.

9. Save your money so you could buy things you need. Do not buy just because you want things. Some events may require you to wear certain pieces you don’t have yet so it’s best to save up.

10. “Like” the items you want so it would be easier to go back to them when you have the money to buy them.

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