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Getting compared to Frogger is a common critique of Crossy Road. Yes it’s quite obvious that CR rips off some of the elements of the classic arcade game. What makes Crossy Road stand out is all the new bells and whitles that polishes the game to the max. Our team at Taste3 has been all the rage over this game ever since it came out. We’ve even caught some of them resorting to using Crossy Road hacks to get free coins. Tsk tsk!

If you are a rabid fan of this captivating game then you may be wondering what the hack for Crossy Road is and how you can take advantage of it.

Updated Coins Hacks for Crossy Road

How does getting up to 1 million coins sound like, all in one shot? How about unlocking all characters in the game? We’ve all been frustrated with trying to find that elusive mystery characters like Hipster Whale and Gifty? You no longer have to leave all this to chance thanks to Crossy Road hacker. With this powerful coin generator, you have at your fingertips the easiest method of getting infinite coins in Crossy Road for free.

What to Expect When Using the Crossy Road Hack Tool

Released in February of 2015, Crossy Road free coin generator has successfully generated millions of coins for thousands of our visitors.

after using Crossy Road coin hack

  • Generated unlimited coins (limit of 1,000,000 every 24 hours)
  • Unlock all characters in Crossy Road
  • Recently added is the unlimited lives which has proven to work at least 75% of the times

Device Compatibility

Crossy Road cheats currently works with the following devices.

  • Android phones and tablets (no root required)
  • Apple iPhone, iPad and iPods (no jailbreak, ifunbox or other warranty breaking tools needed)
  • Use the free coin generator on web browser on PC & Mac

Top 10 Secret Crossy Road Cheats and Tips to Get Free Coins

Brought by Hipster Whale, this game is just like Frogger, where you get to run and run using different characters depending on who you want. Overcome obstacles and strategize to keep ahead of your game. Do these easily by following these hacks:

1. Choose whether you want more gold or a high score. When you have set your priority, choose your character which would be a good fit for the goal. In playing at night, characters may have a hard time but the contrast of the coin cheats colors against the darkness are surely of big help.

2. Try playing in landscape mode. This gives you a wide view which allows you to see potential dangers easily. Remember, imminent threats are easily seen in landscape while the portrait mode is mostly useful for planning purposes.

3. Determine which character you are comfortable playing with. Sure, they are all the same, in terms of size and the areas where they can be killed, but their general characteristics such as their appearance, movement, and the noises they make all contribute on how focused you could be during the game. Unlocking all characters is now possible with Crossy Road cheat tool.

4. Take breaks on grass. Lily pads and grassy medians are perfect to take a rest without getting killed. If you do not have any chance to be at one, then you could rest but you need to be extra careful.

5. Fast taps in a straight line for obstacles that are consecutive and imminent. This usually happens on roads where cars move in a synchronized way. But still, try to count your taps if possible. Meaning if there are three lanes on the road, tap four times and stop. Do not overtap.

6. Always plan your moves ahead.

7. Take note of the traffic’s direction and the color of cars in that lane. Same types of vehicles would always move from left to right, as well as from right to left. Meanwhile, in rivers, check for the direction of logs.

8. When you are in train crossings, check if the light is red. If it is, chances are there is a train approaching in a bit.

9. Cop cars have twice the speed of normal cars and you should watch out for them. You’ll know they are near when you hear a police siren and when you see the red and blue lights flashing around.

10. Always focus on forward movement, and not sideways nor backwards.

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