Deer Hunter 2016 Hacks and Cheats

Having been waiting for the release of the new version of Deer Hunter 2016, I was excited to finally get my hands on the upgrade. There are some vast improvements from 2014 including new upgrades and style of playing. Glu has released the game in September 2015 and due to the newness of the game, there are a lot of glitches in game that you can exploit.

Deer Hunter 2016 Hack Tool is the exact tool you need to take advantage of latest exploits and get unlimited cash and gold fast and easy.

Hacking Deer Hunter 2016 to get Free Gold

First of all, you do not need any technical knowledge to use the Deer Hunter 2016 hack. The entire gold generator is done online securely through a proxy server.

You also will not be required to jailbreak or root your device or anything non-sense like that.

Currently the Deer Hunter 2016 gold cheats work on following devices:

Normally to get anywhere near the amount of gold and cash that you can get from the hack, you’d need to dish out a lot of real world money or stacks of gift codes. However, with the release of Deer Hunter 2016 hacks, you can enjoy unlimited gold at your fingertips.

Updated List of Deer Hunter 2016 Cheats and Tips

Deer Hunter 2016 is now available in iOS and Android devices. In the game, Glue asks the players to hunt down different game animals and fantasy creatures from bears and even the Big Foot.

To successfully do so, players should have loaded guns and full quivers all the time to become good hunters. Making the best use of Deer Hunter 2016 cheats codes is the sure fire way to your path to success. To boost your gaming experience, follow the few tips and tricks below:

1. Before shooting your target, look at your surroundings first. Sometimes, there are more targets at the sides and you don’t want any bear attacking you once you fire on his friends. Also, keep in mind that some animals may need more than one shot to be brought down. Consider your distance before firing. Target the closest animal to you first so you could still reload once another animal approaches you.

2. There are some superpowers which could be useful depending on the need. Some missions may require you to target a specific part and a handy thermal scope is very helpful in such situations. Using it could allow you to see the animals’ lungs, heart, and brain. To use it efficiently, zoom in on the animal first before activating the thermal scope since the feature can only be used for a limited time.

3. In using the bow, use it just like how you would use a gun. Aim for your target and let it fly just like how a bullet is fired from a rifle. There is actually no correlation between gravity and your bow since the game has no consideration for physics.

4. Since the game uses the energy system, you may have trouble gaining the energy you need just to play. If you are well off, you could always use real money to replenish your energy. If not, you could always watch ads and visit the game from time to time for occasional freebies such as half-refills. There is even a full refill offered for the first time that a player’s energy is totally cleared out.

5. Want to make quick money? Play contract and shotgun missions. Upgrade costs are lower and easier to win than series missions. The rewards are as great as the series missions anyway, so if you just want money, these missions are worth your time. Also, you wouldn’t have to buy rifles with gold and there are no missions which would make you target internal organs. Admit it, that mission is a tough one.

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