Dragon City Hacks and Cheats for Gems

Being a good Dragon zookeeper is not an easy task. To keep your dragons happy and breed even more powerful dragons, you need resources. But you already knew that.

Being frustrated with always running out of gold and gems in the game, I turned to Dragon City hack to add some free resources and make the game a bit easier.

If you are on the same boat and seeking ways to earn free gems in Dragon City then this is the surefire way to get all the resources you’ve ever wanted.

Hack Dragon City and Get Your Gems for free

There are very few working cheats in the game but Dragon City hack tool is easily the easiest way to generate infinite amount of gold and gems. Despite the game having been out for a few years now, hacks for Dragon City is one of the most popular gold and gem adder available.

With the help of the hack, I was able to fly through the game by training and growing my dragons at a lightning speed. My friends were super impressed and kept asking me how I did it. Few suspected that I was paying cash (hah!) to obtain these resources but the answer is simple. Dragon City gem generator works – although we cannot guarantee how long it will.

  • Unlimited gems without rooting or jailbreaking your phone or tablet
  • Get FREE gold – generate up to 1,000,000 at once
  • In testing phase is food adder, which should be released late 2015 or early 2016
  • Works on Android, iOS and Facebook through any browser

New Dragon City Cheats for Gems and Other Little Known Secrets

Enjoy a floating dragon utopia experience with Dragon City Mobile. Be a caretaker who would train dragons, prepare them for battle, and breed them with other players worldwide. Over 100 dragons are available for the taking. While sometimes, it may be quite tedious to manage the dragons, knowing a few working Dragon City cheats could surely help you in playing the game.

1. Know about your dragons. Each dragon is registered under an element. The different elements are the terra, flame, sea, nature, electric, ice, metal, dark, light, war, pure, and legend. Besides these elemental ones, there are also other types of dragons. Hybrid dragons are the hot metal dragon and juggernaut dragon. Rare hybrids are the leviathan dragon and cool fire dragon. Legends are the mirror dragon and crystal dragon. Lastly, exclusives are the great white dragon and Thor dragon.

2. If you are low on gold, choose food that take less time in harvesting. Dragon balls and dragon chilis are what you could harvest. If you have more money, you may opt for star shines and spike balls.

3. The habitat system allows you to put your dragons in different habitats and doing so could help you ear gold every minute. The best habitat for your dragon depends on what element it is made of. A tip is to place your dragon in habitats with similar elements. This way, increase in gold can spike up to 20% in a minute.

4. Know about the stages of life of your dragon.

  • As an egg, the dragon is still at an early stage and it hasn’t seen anything around its world yet.
  • As a baby, it is at its cutest stage. It is in its Dark Icest form at this time and it waits for you to feed it whenever you are around.
  • As a teenage dragon, it may be difficult to handle but on the plus side, you may use these dragons for battling.
  • As an adult, it enters the final stage of its life and it means its attack is at its strongest.

5. To gain free gems instead of using real money to purchase them, you may join Dragon League tournaments which you may find in the bottom right of your screen. You can also try out the latest Dragon City gem cheats tool. Fight with other dragons and if you win, you may earn some gold and at least 2 gems. Every 6 hours, you may fight up to 3 dragons so make the most out of it.

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