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Fantage is a virtual world designed for kids ages 6 to 16. It is set in a town-like environment that players can explore. Players can dress up and customize their avatars, adopt pets, chat with other members, play games, earn virtual money, do activities and level up their characters. Like other online games, there are cheats and glitches that can make gaming more fun and sometimes easier. We’ve compiled a list of Fantage cheats below. Note: All cheats are user-submitted and not checked for accuracy. Use at your own risk.

Fantage Cheats for Rare Items

Rare Items

  • 3 Sapphires
  • 2 Sapphires + 1 Ruby
  • 2 Rubies + 1 Sapphire

Very Rare Items

  • 3 Rubies
  • 2 Sapphires + 1 Ruby
  • 1 Sapphire + 2 Rubies
  • 2 Sapphires + 1 Emerald
  • 2 Sapphires + 1 Diamond
  • 2 Rubies + 1 Emerald
  • 2 Rubies + 1 Diamond
  • 1 Sapphire + 1 Ruby + 1 Emerald
  • 2 Sapphires + 1 Diamond

Very Rare Banana Item

  • 1 Sapphire + 1 Ruby +1 Diamond + 1 banana

Ultra Rare Items

  • 3 Emeralds
  • 2 Diamonds + 1 Sapphire
  • 2 Diamonds + 1 Ruby
  • 2 Diamonds + 1 Emerald

Legendary Items

  • 3 Diamonds
  • 2 Diamonds + 1 Black Diamond
  • 2 Black Diamonds + 1 Diamond

Mythical Item

  • 3 Black Diamonds
  • 2 Black Diamonds + 1 Moonstone

Otherworldly Items

  • 3 Moonstones
  • 1 Black Diamond + 2 Moonstones

Fantage Cheats for Unlockables

To get the gold dress, you must have 3 rare gems or 1 very rare gem and 2 rare gems.

Random Hints and Secret Tips

Whenever you see fruit, get the oranges to make you run faster.
Whenever you see stars, get stars that are worth more first.

Fantage Cheats Gem Combinations

In exchange for three gems, you get a rare or legendary item. You can get gems by playing games like Candy Swap or Secret Adventure in the hidden meadows. Once you have the gems, click the Orb button and select a combination of gems to unlock the items.

Fantage Glitches and Secret Tips

Earn lots of stars You can get a lot of stars many ways. One is to create another account and visit your first account several times. Another way is to host a fashion show and get a lot of people to come to it. You can also play Splash to get as much as 80 stars.
Easy gems Go to the hidden meadows and do secret adventures (first portal). You must kill all the monsters in less than a minute to get 3 green emeralds.
Easy level up (members only) Make a new character and do the mini quest to get lots of stars. Next, buy the mystery box from the IDFone shop until you run out of money. Now send all your rare stickers to your original Fantage character. You should have leveled up.
Easy money Find out if Luck Bob wants clothes or stickers to trade. If he wants clothes, get plenty of sapphires and sell some of your rare clothing (use the wheel). You can get them back with the sapphires. Repeat several times to earn lots of money.
Ecoins cheat To get over 100 stars, play Wild Bernie (nonmembers). For members, buy double star coupons and play Slash, Candy Swamp, Wild Bernie, Bubble Bug and Stares.
Fly anywhere Go to the creature arena and then go to the place where you want to fly. Click inventory and press “tab.” Use the arrow keys to move the yellow box to the word “My” in “My Inventory.” Click on enter and click your inventory again. Now exit and click on the wall. You will be flying.
Flying in pyramid house Go to the pyramid house and click on the wall to fly.
Free stars Go to, or You will be taken to the home page. Log in to your account and select a server. Wait for about 10 seconds to get free stars.
Get a full server Press “tab” to see a box. Use your arrow keys to select the server you want and hit enter.
Get free clothes Go to Le Shop and select the clothes you want, but choose the top first, then bottom and then the shoes. Don’t buy them yet, just pick for now. Exit the shop as fast as you can and go to the Stellar Salon. Pick any new hair and go to your inventory. You’ll see all the clothes you’ve selected. Note: The clothes disappear when you log out.
Get free stickers Go inside the school and click on a private classroom. Create a private classroom to get 10 free stickers.
Get in the café window Go to the creature arena and exit. Go to the café and press tab. Now go to the inventory and press tab again until the yellow box is over the word “My” in “My Inventory.” Click on enter and go back inside, then exit. Click on the café window to get in.
Get lots of stars (for nonmembers)} Go to Lucky Bob’s trading shop at the Grotto. Look for the pet reward machine. Grab the item that has the pet you have on it and sell it to Lucky Bob. Repeat several times to get 5,000 stars in two hours.
Get the crown and rainbow board Click on the language button and select any language except English. Click on the gift and then the orange button. Go back to the language box and switch back to English to get the items.
Get to castle balcony Go to the castle and look for the lamp on the front left at the bench. Click on the lamp and then click on the balcony.
Get to the VIP room (non-VIPs) Go to Top Models and click on the VIP room. Quickly click on the house button. It will say “Members Only.” Close the pop up and you should be inside.
Go outside the café window Go to the café and click on the wall behind the girl in the cashier multiple times. You will float up. Click on the window multiple times to go outside.
Go to Top Models VIP room Go to Top Models Inc. and click on the VIP room. Click your home and you will be inside the VIP room.
Instant messenger emoticon Type these words on your instant messenger: Thats One Crazy Monkey. You will get an orange animated monkey.
Look like a premium Fantage member Go to any shop (except IDFone, Castle Realtors and Sun Block) and click on the clothes you want. Exit and click on your inventory. Click on any accessory, as long as the item you wanted is not an accessory. You’ll be wearing premium clothes.
No shoes glitch You need the dance party outfit for this to work. Wear the dance outfit and then close your inventory. Open your inventory again and wear anything except shoes.
Pet barn cheat Go to Pet Barn in Pet Town, then go outside. Click on the fence with the pets and you will be in the play pen.
Teleport You must have winter for this to work. Cry and you will disappear. Now jump, and while you’re still in the air, cry. When you land, you will walk and then teleport.
Turn invisible Go to the hidden meadow and exit. Go to the lighthouse and go upstairs. Look through the telescope for 10 seconds. Go to the secret place in the grotto exit to be invisible.
Walk on walls (premium members only) Go to a busy VIP room and click inventory. Press tab to see a yellow box, and then press enter. Press tab again several times and press enter. You’ll see an IDFone. Close it and you will disappear. Click your inventory again and then exit. You’ll be on the walls.
Walk on walls in Sun Block house Go to the sun block beach house and go inside the tan machine. Enter the machine and close it. Click the top of the sun block wall to float up.
Walk on walls Go downtown or to the clothes shop. Walk away from the door and go to Creatures in your inventory. Click on your creature and press “tab” multiple times (don’t close the pop up message). Press enter and exit all the pop up messages. You should be able to walk on the walls.
Water squirt Go to the carnival and look for the fire hydrant. Click on the left knob at the top several times to make water squirt out.
Wear any outfit Go to Stellar Salon, Jester’s Costumes, Le Shop, Board Shop or Vintage Classics. Try on whatever you want but do not buy it. Go to the Face Paint shop at the Carnival and buy the sports mark. Wear the sports mark and exit your inventory. You’ll be wearing the face paint and the last items that you tried on. Note: Clothes will disappear when you log out.
Wear free member clothes You must have 500 or more coins. Go to the vintage shop and click on the clothes you want. Make sure the clothes are worth more than the coins you have. Go to Le Shop and buy something with coins. You’ll wear the clothes you picked out earlier.
Wizards Domain cheat Go to Wizards Domain and click on the item list. Click the item you want five times (if you’re a nonmember, don’t click members-only items). Click the orb and put on some gems. The item you clicked on will appear.

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