Fun Run 2 Hacks and Cheats for Coins

Ever wanted to hack and cheat you way to the top of Fun Run 2? Now is your chance because the latest version of Fun Run 2 hack lets you generated unlimited amount gold. This simple yet powerful hack connects directly to your Android or iOS device.

Use Fun Run 2 Hack Tool and Generate Coins for Free

After getting frustrated with losing so many races in a row, I chose to try the Fun Run 2 hack tool. After confirming that it works not only by our teams but from many of our readers, we decided to release the free coins hack generator so you too can enjoy it.

  • Add unlimited coins (up to 1,000,000)
  • Unlimited Traps
  • Speed hack
  • God mode – in testing phase, and will be rolled out in late 2015
  • Updated weekly by the developers to ensure that it works


  • Android mobile devices (3.0+, sorry no support for Android 1.0 or 2.0!)
  • All Apple iPhones, iPads and iPod touch works without needing to jailbreak
  • Windows phone support has been added

5 Top Tricks, Glitches and Cheats for Fun Run 2

Compete in a race with other woodland creatures and surely enjoy the experience with Fun Run 2 cheats! The game multiplayer with a platform especially for races. You could compete with at least 3 players from all over the world. Run as fast as you could, ensure your jumps have good timing, and even use weapons whenever you want to. To help you achieve your goals, you could read a few tips and cheats for Fun Run 2 we have in store for you.

1. Use your power ups wisely. There are times when certain power ups are preferred to be used.

  • A sawblade should be used when you have opponents as tall as your character. The blade could kill anyone who comes in contact with it. If it strikes a wall, it would just bounce and would be of no use.
  • Thunder could cause a thundercloud which could strike opponents nearby. The range is great, so if other use this on you, make sure you have an extra life or just use a shield.
  • You’ll know that a rifle is equipped when you see a crosshair in your screen. You’ll know where it is aiming when you look at the bottom of the screen since the position bar is located there. The rifle could instantly kill its target so be careful if this is used against you.
  • A rocket could help in boosting your speed but it could explode and kill you. Nearby players could be killed in this blast.
  • Anybody who runs over a bear trap could be instantly killed. Place your bear traps strategically.

2. Study your maps well. When you know the layout, you have more chances of winning the game. As you make consequent runs, you will know your map eventually so remember wher the big jumps, item boxes, and speed boosts are.

3. Make your starting item of good use or utilize the Fun Run 2 coin cheats to have enough currency. Having an offensive item would make you want to use it immediately, but be careful to avoid it by jumping. Having a shield or balloon in the beginning is good to use if someone is bound to attack you. If you have a weapon, try testing its impact on your opponents and from there, make a game plan on how you would use it.

4. Do not jump too much as you might miss speed boosts along the way. Also, jumping could reduce speed so jump wisely. Know where and when to jump, especially for those traps or obstacles.

5. Whenever possible, play with a reliable internet connection such as the Wi-Fi to avoid lags and mysterious deaths.

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