Hay Day Cheats and Hack Tool for Free Diamonds

From the makers of Clash of Clans comes this addictive farm simulator that eats up time like no other. Being a freemium game means there inevitably are going to be premium resources. With the use of Hay Day hack, you have at your disposal unlimited supply of free Diamonds and Coins.

Hacking Hay Day Safely to Get Free Resources

Primary function of Hay Day hack tool is generating unlimited diamonds and it works incredibly well for this purpose. As we all know, collecting diamonds in Hay Day is time consuming to say the least. Now you can add free diamonds to your Hay Day account all day long.

The secondary function of the hacks for Hay Day (we said hacks right? that’s plural!) is adding infinite coins. Yes, that’s right! Now you can purchase more building and animals and grow them at a fast rate by using free diamonds and coins.

Latest List of Hayday Hack Tool Features

  • Tested daily (yes, we use this too!) to make sure it is in good working condition
  • Generate unlimited diamonds at will
  • Generate unlimited coins for free
  • Compatible with Android phones and tablets without rooting your devices
  • Compatible with iOS devices (iPhone & iPads) with no downloads

You may use this on your mobile devices but if you are on your computer (Mac or PC), you can fire up the coin hack generator for Hay Day right on your browser.

Ultimate List of Hay Day Cheats and Tips


Hay Day is one of the most well-known farm games out there. Grow and harvest crops, clear land, raise livestock, and sell goods to make profit. As you increase in your level, you could make new crops and livestock, and other goodies as well. While in-app purchases may tempt you to use real gold for purchasing, remember that this is not your best option with tools like Hay Day diamond cheats. Below are some Hay Day cheats you could use to prevent such from happening.

1. Balance your money as you gain more experiences throughout the game. As you have more orders, you could make coins. You may see these in the bottom part of the screen as the orders come in. As you get orders, you will gain more stars while as you complete your orders, you could gain experience points as well. Sometimes, you may opt to complete orders which could help you gain more experience even if little coins could be earned.

2. You could say no to orders especially if they are piling up already. Businesses such as stores, schools, salons, and churches are among your customers. Most of the time, they pay good prices but it could happen that you do not have enough goods for such or you just don’t have the time. If this happens, just dump the order or reset it with Hay Day cheat. You will wait anyway, but only for a limited time.

3. Fill your coffers using the roadside stand. Instead of selling your goods to the visitors, you may sell them instead to your followers and friends. Check your newspaper from time to time to see what other friends are selling, and just follow from there. A good practice is to set the maximum price of the goods and take off 10% from the price. Most of the time, this is effective in selling.

4. Don’t be afraid to say no to people visiting your farm. They might not want to pay some premium for the goods they want but then, it would be okay to decline. But if what they want to buy are goods which can be easily made like wheat, you could always sell it to them, anyway.

5. When you are offline, just plant crops that are growing slowly. Wheat, corn, and carrots grow fast so you may want to plant them while you are actively playing when not using the Hay Day cheats. Meanwhile, plant indigos and pumpkins before sleeping or if you are not playing actively. In doing so, you can harvest them immediately by the time you get back. This is also a rule of thumb for livestock and finished goods.

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