Hill Climb Racing Cheats and Hack for Unlimited Coins

Getting the physics in racing game is tough but necessary to give the players that feeling of full immersion. Despite what may even appear as childish in its graphics, Hill Climb Racing is arguably one of the most fun and ‘realistic’ racing game you can play on the go on Android and iOS devices.

I was hooked immediately. This game was one of those easy to pick up but hard to master games. After spending many hours frustrated at not having enough coins to buy all the vehicles and unlock achievements. Using Hill Climb Racing hack, I was able to unlock all 13 vehicles including the hovercraft which of course, costs 10,000 coins. The online coin cheats for Hill Climb Racing allows users to generate unlimited money through glitch.

Getting Unlimited Coins by Using Working Hacks for Hill Climb Racing

It’s not a secret that to get all the vehicles in the game, you need coins. Lots of it. Problem is that the coins are hard to earn or expensive to buy. This is why hackers decided to find ways to get free coins and unlock the best vehicles instantly. The result is Hill Climb Racing hack tool that is an online coin generator that is both easy to use and effective.

  • Generate unlimited coins through money glitch in the system
  • Unlock all the vehicles
  • Coin hack works with all Android, iPhones, iPads and Windows phones
  • No rooting or jailbreaking your smartphones or tablets are needed to use the online cheats
  • New feature: ‘Unlimited Gas’ coming soon
  • 100% Free for non-commercial use

8 Tips and Cheats for Hill Climb Racing

The eccentric and enjoyable racing game of Hill Climb Racing is now here. Up your game by reading a few tips and tricks as well as the best Hill Climb Racing cheats from the experts!

1. Clear bridges without flipping over by not leaving the bridge at full speed. Brake in advance of clearing the plank in the end. Just do not break sharply and abruptly or else, you will still tumble.

2. The car upgrade you choose would depend on the situation. If you think you can’t get through steep slopes, you may want to consider purchasing something with a powerful engine. You could also upgrade tires to help in traction and money cheats for Hill Climb Racing will help you with that. In terms of handling, you could use 4WD and suspension upgrades. But if you are not experiencing any difficulty, it is better to upgrade in a balanced fashion rather focusing on an area.

3. It is never advisable to hold down your throttle with a full speed. A better option would be to pump gas just enough to be able to climb through steep slopes and you will see that your car will be gently going down the descent. Playing the game cautiously could allow you to survive and later on, gain more coins.

4. Just like any other game, spend your coins wisely. In this game, you could either upgrade your vehicle, buy new racing cars, or purchase new landscapes where you could race on.

5. Keep a close eye on your fuel. If it gets expired, your game will end abruptly and you may not be able to get the high score you want. During the game, make sure to get the red fuel canisters along the road to refill your fuel.

6. Performing flips and having air time could give you more money, but just make sure that you are careful in doing such things or you might end up crash landing. If you have money to spare, you could always buy virtual currency, but this should be the least of your priorities.

7. Unlock new stages in the game by spending your coins. Just go to Stage section in your main menu and choose the landscape that you want.

8. To achieve more air time or flips, upgrade tires, 4WD, suspension, and engine power-ups. Upgrade these with Hill Climb Racing cheats codes to the maximum level possible. For the Moon Stage, a fully upgraded power-ups of a Motocross could do the trick and allow you to survive the level unscathed.

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