Injustice Gods Among Us Hacks and Cheats

After long months of development, Injustice Gods Among Us hack has been released to the public. Since being kept under the veils for the past few weeks, Taste3 has finally was able to obtain the power credits and energy cheats tool for Android and iOS.

Now you can enjoy the power of being able to add unlimited credits for free. With it, unlocking all characters is a cinch and getting costumes and booster packs are options as well.

How to Use the Injustice Gods Among Us Hack Tool

Using the hack tool couldn’t be easier. All you need is a browser to run the generator on. You can use the power credits cheats on any mobile devices (Android/iOS). iPhone is the preferred platform to use although many use it on Android just as well.

Here are what you will be previleged to when you use this hack:

  • Add up to 999,999 Power Credits
  • Add up to 999,999 Energy
  • Unlock all characters
  • Unlock all costumes
  • Get all boosters packs

Cheating in Injustice: Gods Among Us The Right & Working Way

NetherRealm Studios brings us Injustice: Gods Among Us. This game is quite similar to Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe but there are no more Mortal Kombat characters this time around. Also, there are a few rules which have changed with the instroduction of cheats for Injustice Gods Among Us. But overall, the two games are still similar in a way. If you happen to play Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe for quite some time, you won’t have trouble with Injustice but here are still a few tips and tricks to get you started.

1. For Injustice Gods Among us cheats, there is no more block button but you could always press down-back or back. Protect yourself against low and high attacks with these. You could always spam and mash since this seems to be the easy thing to do but remember that the special attacks and blows are the ones which could give huge windows for recovery. Whenever you are still recovering, the wise thing to do is to prepare to block since the enemy relatively has advantage. Upon blocking and regaining strength, strike back.

2. Throw background objects whenever you have the chance. You may find them at the ends of your screen or even above your head. They take effort in carrying but they are worth it in damaging your opponent’s life bar. Examples of such objects is the torture table, giant globe, or even cars. Just be cautious when the opponent is trying to do this stunt on you. You could either back off and jump or simply teleport, or come back and use the cheats to gain the ultimate advantage. Remember, background objects can be avoided but they cannot be blocked.

3. You could hit mercilessly, but do it wisely. Know the projectile attack that your character has and the direction it shoots. Know how to hit well and how to counterattack. If your enemy happens to be Ares, he might slam the ground producing a shockwave which cannot be blocked. What you could do is jump to avoid being hit.

4. Each character has a set of attacks ranging from light, medium, and hard. There is a fourth attack which is specific to your character and it is important to know this while you use the Injustice Gods Among us cheats for Android. Nightwing could switch stances easily and combine his sticks into one staff. Harley Quinn could throw gifts which could produce damage. Batman has his bat toys which can do damage as well. Once you know these, you’ll know how to strategize both your offense and defense.

5. As you go through tutorial and practice, develop your combos afterwards. These strings of attacks are definitely useful as they may revolve around the ground and even bounce off walls. Advanced ones could even expend power meters.

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