Jetpack Joyride Cheats and Hacks for Unlimited Coins

When you’ve tired yourself of grinding and saving up for coins, then Jetpack Joyride hack tool is the solution you are looking for. There are many hacked apks floating around that are outdated and may not work. However, the online coin hack for Jetpack Joyride has been tested to be fully functional without any glitches in 2015. So you can use the hack with confidence that it will simply work.

Jetpack Joyride Coin Hack Tool Features and Compatibility

Maximizing achievements is easy when you have unlimited supply of coins. This is what the hack tool is designed to do and does it very well.


  • Unlimited coins for free
  • Unlock all jetpacks, clothing and gadgets
  • Anti Ban measures – anonymized data using encryption and reverse proxies


This money cheats tool currently works for all Android smartphones and tablets. Recently added in 2015 is support or iOS so iPhone and iPad users can use this without any problem.

You also do not need to root your Android devices, which can cause a lot of confusion for non-technical persons. Jailbreaking is also not required for iOS devices as the Jetpack Joyride hacked coin generator works right on your browser.

Jetpack Joyride Free Coins Cheats and Other Glitches

Jetpack Joyride was released by Halfbrick Studios. It is a runner and action game available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and even Blackberry devices. It is also available now in PS Vita, PS3, and PlayStation Network and Jetpack Joyride cheats is available for all platforms and devices.

Been a Jetpack Joyride fan recently but having trouble in keeping Barry Steakfries alive? Don’t worry. We got a few tips and tricks for you to make your game last longer. Collect coins cheats, avoid missiles and lasers, and keep yourself away from hazards by following these.

1. Do not use your final blasts and quick revives not unless you are so close in beating your high score. Quick revives are expensive so make sure they are worth it when you use them.

2. Keep Barry in the middle of the screen. This is the best spot to keep him safe in case there are nearby missile or lasers. To avoid these, long press the screen so he would float and then tap repeatedly in half second intervals.

3. If you are easily distracted, turning off the music could help. In the options menu, disable the music. However, it may still be advisable to keep the sounds since they could warn you of impending missiles, lasers, and tokens.

4. Barry’s life is more worth it than spinning tokens. Use the Jetpack Joyride token cheats to circumvent this.

5. It is not advisable to buy coins using real money. An alternative is to buy a counterfeit machine which could double the coins you could collect in a run.

6. Use head starts in the beginning of your run to save time. While you are boosting, collect coins by raising and lowering your jetpack.

7. Use final blasts when you are nearing your high score. Make sure you have at least one at all times because using cheats for Jetpack Joyride for this would be a waste.

8. Whenever you are using Bad as Hog, which is a ground-based vehicle, you could be threatened by low missiles and lasers. The tip here is to jump high enough to clear obstacles. These obstacles may come fast so be sure to tap in short lengths.

9. Tap in the screen’s upper left part. Doing so would cover the score so you’d be more focused on the mission rather than spending time looking at the score.

10. Keep your focus on your missions and let the Jetpack Joyride cheats do the work in collecting coins for you. None of them are actually too difficult. Before you know it, you have reached your objectives and everything is fine and a whole lot of fun.

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