Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hacks and Cheats

Your dream of rising through the ranks of celebrity stardom can finally become true in this game featuring a popular socialite and reality tv show star. And getting famous in this popular Android and iOS game is much easier when you have unlimited sources of Stars and Money to advance yourself. This is why the Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack is the first online cheats to check out if you are in need of more resources.

Hack Kim Karshian Hollywood for Unlimited Stars and Money

Attracting paparazzies like moth to a flame is easy when you have a bank account with tons of cash. So if you want to get wealthy and stay rich in this game, check out the Kim Kardashian Hollywood hacks for stars and money.

Devices You Can Use

This online hack can be used on many different computer devices. There are no restrictions on where you can use the tool as long as you have an internet connection and browser to access the cheats. Below is the list of all supported devices currently.

  • Apple iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod
  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • PC browser
  • Mac browser

What to Expect When Using the Hack Tool

Once you connect to the online hack, you will be able to immediately use it. Simply enter the amount of resources you want to generate, hit go and wait a few seconds. You will be given instructions on how to complete the process easily.

  • Add up to 500,000 cash every 24 hours
  • Add up to 250,000 stars every 24 hours
  • Add up to 500,000 energy every 24 hours
  • No jailbreak needed for iOS
  • No rooting needed for Android

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – Working Cheats for Getting More Cash and Stars

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood lets you go inside Kim’s life and actually control it just by using your Apple or Android device. Aim to increase your social ranks, gain more fans, and work hard to be in the A list. With none other than Kim K by your side, climb your way up and make friends with the stars cheats for Kim Kardashian Hollywood app, dress nicely, and complete your tasks. Use your stars, energy, and cash wisely as they may be challenging to obtain. To smoothly play the game, follow a few tips and tricks we are about to share and you will surely be an A-lister in no time!

1. Change your outfit frequently. Redo make-ups and even your hairdo like a normal Hollywood star would do. Not only that changing clothes is for free, but there are points equivalent to changing clothes. So when you get a new job or simply start a quest, change your outfit. Never wear something for too long or negative rumors will circulate.

2. For free cash and stars, you could always watch videos. These would just cost you a few minutes of your time but it’s surely worth it. Since there are two sections of the store, be sure to visit them both and watch the available videos.

3. Take your friends with you to gigs so you would earn more. Call over all your connections and contacts and bring them along with you. You could earn more stars along the way and you will level up more quickly. The more famous your companion is, the more you would earn.

4. Before you leave the app, start with a long task so when you go back again, the task is finished. When you are actively playing the game, do short tasks which would not take much of your energy. This way, you wouldn’t have to spend real money or stars just to have energy.

5. Do not use your stars to buy clothes since you can get them for free by using Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats. You may be tempted to spend them on nice items as you level up, but just wait for the time until you could actually afford those items. Save your stars for going on dates and networking. People may see you wearing the same stuff but what’s important is that they are hanging out with you. Remember, cash buys are better than buying out of stars.

6. Spending real currency is not really advisable but if you have more than enough, onsider buying stars rather than cash. Cash is easier to produce and could rack up fast. Stars may be useful if you need energy and there are some items that could only be bought with stars.

7. Give A-lister people gifts by accumulating in-game currency with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood resources cheats. In the game’s phone section, look at who is famous and shower them with gifts. They would surely like you more which in turn, would lead to a good and lasting relationship.

8. Dating as many as you could help you climb up the social ladder real fast. But try not to get dumped as this could affect your popularity. A trick not to pay for a date is to call anyone to meet you but not to go on the date. Bring them somewhere but don’t tap on the conversation bubble. They’ll surely stick around so don’t worry.

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