Knights and Dragons Hacks and Cheats

Knights and Dragons is one of those rare action RPG games that look simple on the surface but on advanced level, it has deep and complex game mechanics. Knights and Dragons Hack Tool allow gamers to quickly rise through the ranks and levels of the game by generating free gems and gold.

Pretty much everything you need to do to upgrade your character and equipment involve in-game currencies: gems and gold. If you choose to hack Knights and Dragons, this online generator is the best way to do so.

Knights and Dragons Hack Tool Lets You Generate Gems & Gold On-Demand

Generate unlimited gems and gold by using this Knights and Dragons hack. You can finally unlock tat rare weapon you’ve always wanted. Craft your legendary armor instantly with free gems. Speed up that building you need to face up against the Dark Prince himself.


Latest version of Knights and Dragons gem hack introduces gold hack feature integrated. The developer is still working on implementing the EXP feature, as well as unlocking all equipment in game.

  • Generate unlimited Gems, Gold and EXP
  • In-Development: Unlock All Armors, Unlock All Knights, Unlock All Treasures
  • 100% Free – Only need to fill out one survey to unlock all features of hacks for Knights and Dragons

Works with Following Devices

The hack tool is compatible and works with all of the following devices listed. If you don’t see your device supported, let us know in the comments below.

  • Android
  • iOS: iPhone, iPad
  • Any Browser on PC & Mac

List of All Knights and Dragons Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Knights and Dragons is a free fantasy RPG where you could fight mythical creatures in an adventure that is definitely packed with action. With your very own army of knights, fight the Dark Prince, collect heroes and armors, and pursue quests that are surely enjoyable and challenging. To ensure your maximum capacity while you are out there playing, read and follow these tips and Knights and Dragons cheats:

  1. Once you have your knights, use them in rotations so the ones with low health could recover. Make sure that you pick the strong ones when you go to war.
  2. Play against others and use the arena to obtain gold and exp. Do this while your other knights are recharging.
  3. Defeat bosses by using special attacks to finish them. You could receive rare items for such and later on, you could summon them. When fighting against them in Epic stage, you may even get fuse stars.
  4. Earn gold by training dragons and knights in your training grounds. It is also advisable to replace old buildings with new ones upon expansion. Using the Knights and Dragons gem cheats is another easy way to score free gems.
  5. Check statistics of your buildings from time to time by choosing the Shop from the menu.
  6. Monitor your expansions as you progress. They will cost twice as much from the initial cost, but they are worth it.
  7. In levelling up during battle, your knights would be in full health for the next battle.
  8. For efficiency, use your quest log most of the time. Know where you should focus just by looking at it. Know which quests you need to complete as soon as possible through this tool.
  9. Gold earnings from buildings may have a maximum limit. Make sure you know them so you’d be able to schedule when you should log in to your game if you would be away for a long time.
  10. Turn on your notifications so you would be updated on the status of your buildings and knights. It could be of great help if you are not fond of checking your phone or tablet from time to time.

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