Marvel Contest of Champions Hacks and Cheats for Gold

Marvel Contest of Champions is a smashing arcade style fighting game available on Android and iOS. The game is completely free to play, but to maximize your enjoyment to the fullest, having a bottomless source of gold and energy is the key. Running out of gold can be a frustrating experience and with the help of Marvel Contest of Champions hacks, those days are long gone.

The one problem that Marvel Contest of Champions gold cheats solves is bypassing the in-app purchase system that has become so prevalent in mobile game apps. Marvel Contest of Champions is no different in this regard. By learning how to hack Marvel Contest of Champions, you now can dominate your opponents and make your friends cry by having a way to generated unlimited amounts of gold, units and ISO-8.

Generate Unlimited Gold and Units on Demand

Marvel Contest of Champions hack tool is an intuitive online gold generator that can be used freely. The entire process takes no longer than 5 minutes to complete from start to finish. In fact, you can generate up to 2,000,000 gold right away without any limitations.

This gold generator for Marvel Contest of Champions also has some unique features not found on other similar tools. This includes infinite units adder and IOS-8 generation utility. In the works is an option to unlock all heroes in game. How sweet is that?

the results after using gold hack

Here are the key features of the gold hack generator for Marvel Contest of Champions.

  • Generate unlimited gold (up to 2 million gold per generation)
  • Add free units and ISO-8
  • Unlock all heroes in game.
  • Proxy protection to make your account ‘invisible’ so the developers do not know you are using the Marvel Contest of Champions hacker.

Guidelines When Using This Powerful Tool

The online generator works on any browser, whether you are on Android or iOS phones. In fact, you can also use the hack on your PC and Mac as well. The best thing about it is that you do not need to root or jailbreak your phone like most other gold adders.

We do however recommend that you use some common sense and reservation when using this. Try not to add too much gold at once. Spread it out over a couple of days and not draw too much attention. Many people have been using Marvel Contest of Champions gold hack for months without any problem by following these simple guidelines.

Marvel Contest of Champions Cheats for Android & iOS

Kabam has now taken their existence a notch higher by producing Marvel: Contest of Champions cheats in mobile. Collect both heroes and villains as well and enhance your fighting skills as you trudge along a realm of might superheroes. Join PvP arenas and other daily events which may be fun and challenging at the same time. Of course, to be successful in all your endeavors, you should be able to know a few tricks of the trade by reading on.

1. Since the controls are not that complicated, you might have the instinct to just press and press the buttons but remember that defense is equally important. Even in blocking, characters may still be damaged and a way to prevent or lessen this is by dodging. Just swipe left on the screen’s left side. While you can, avoid damage and attack with precision.

2. It is important to preserve the health of your champions as they do not have the ability to recover while doing the quests. You may only do so by using potions.

3. Whenever you have the chance, move on to two-star champions since one-star champions are still weak and may not be very efficient to use for your quests throughout the game. Even after they have leveled up, they may not be the best champions to use.

4. Begin every fight by blocking. The computer-controlled opponent doesn’t do this and focuses more on attacking at the beginning of the match. If the opponent doesn’t attack first anyway, do the first attack.

5. The triad of catalysts, ISO-8, and gold are the once which could contribute in improving your champions. ISO-8 are required to gain for each of the levels and Marvel Contest of Champions gold cheats is needed to be infused to your champions. Once you reach the maximum level, use catalysts to increase your champion’s rank. Remember that for one and two-star champions, their ranks may only be increased once you unlock special moves.

6. There may be champions that you don’t want anymore, and the good news is you could sell them in exchange for gold. But this is not really necessary as it is advantageous to maintain a wide variety of characters depending on what your quest demands. Also, having a lot of champions is beneficial if you want PvP matches since champions need 2 hours interval in between matches that they are used.

7. There is really no way to get the hero that you want. Your luck depends on the Collector and crystals so if you do not have the character you want yet, just keep on trying.

8. You could always replay quests that you think you haven’t played well. The paths are actually like tree branches which are many and completing all of them entitles you to bonus rewards.

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