Monster Legends Hack Tool and Cheats for Gems & Gold

Ever wonder if there is a way to hack Monster Legends for free gold and gems? You are in luck because we have just received the newly updated version of the hack tool that lets you do just that.

The world of Monster Legends revolves around key resources in game and it is imperative to collect as much as you can to dominate the game. It may be tempting to bust out your wallet and spend your hard earned (or your parents’…) cash as in-app purchases. I know I have gone that route in the past to do just that, justifying that I needed to upgrade my base faster or breed superior monsters. But this turns the game into one of those ‘pay to win’ scenario and it can get darn right expensive to go this route.

How to Generate Monster legends Gems and Gold for Free

Monster Legends hack tool is an answer to combat the problem of always running out of gold in-game. Coded by our fellow gamer, this is the best online resource generator for Monster Legends currently available on the market. I’ve tested all the gold hacks out there and you can’t beat the ease of use that comes with this powerful tool.

Below are features of this essential utility for Monster Legends:

  • Add unlimited gems and gold to your account
  • Generate free food to feed and breed your monsters
  • Completely undetectable through the use of secure proxy
  • Compatible with all Android phones and tablets without rooting
  • Works with iOS devices including iPhones and iPods

How to Cheat on Monster Legends on Android and iOS

If you happen to be a fan of monster role playing games, you will surely love Monster Legends cheats codes. The game is free and it lets you build an island filled with monsters. Breed these monsters, and fight them in an arena. Combine monsters as you wish, put them to battle, and breed some more. Recruit your friends to earn rewards from the game and fight more monsters so you could earn more rewards. To never lose a battle or avoid paying cash for game resources if you haven’t used Monster legends cheat tool, here are a few tips that you should know.

1. Know by heart the elements your monsters are made of and what your enemy monsters are made of as well. One element is either weaker or stronger than the other so make sure you have all the necessary information before hitting that Fight button. Generally:

  • Thunder is stronger than water but weaker than earth
  • Earth is stronger than thunder but weaker than dark
  • Dark is stronger than earth but weaker than light
  • Light is stronger than dark but weaker than magic
  • Magic is stronger than light but weaker than nature
  • Nature is stronger than magic but weaker than fire
  • Fire is stronger than nature but weaker than water
  • Water is stronger than fire but weaker than thunder

2. Correctly form your team once you have identified your enemy. Choose monsters which are stronger than your enemy’s. Simply click on Change to switch in between monsters. Remember, do not hit that Fight button yet unless you are sure of your team.

3. Make sure that you know your own monsters’ skills. Choose the ones who can inflict a lot of damage. Every monster has a special skill. It is easy to know this. Before you start a battle, click on Habitat then choose the Monster icon. Find out here which ones are already unlocked and which ones you still need to unlock.

4. Learn about multiple-enemy damage. While some monsters may inflict massive damages to only one enemy at one given time, there are also others which could inflict damage to multiple enemies at a time. An example for this is the Firewall skill of the Pandaken. It may inflict a series of damages damages to an enemy, but it requires cooling down. You may find out all about these in the Skills section as well.

5. During battles, use special items through cheats for Monster Legends. You may choose between special attacks, healings, or defense items by clicking on Items below the Recharge button. Click on the Buy button to purchase them by using gold or to use them, click on the Use button. If it is an attack item, click on the monster while if it is a defense or healing item, click on the friendly monster.

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