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Moshi Monsters is a virtual community that features virtual pet avatars. Players can navigate the Moshi Monster world, adopt pets called Moshlings, earn rewards, solve puzzles, dress up their avatars and buy items for their homes. Moshi Monster reportedly has 50 million users.

There are many Moshi Monsters codes, cheats and glitches that players can use to make the Moshi Monster gaming experience even more fun. Moshi Moonsters cheats can be used to level up faster or earn more virtual money. We’ve compiled a list of user-submitted Moshi Monsters codes and cheats below.

Working Moshi Monsters Codes for 2012

Free Moshi Monsters Codes for Rox

Get Free Rox by Entering the Codes on the Left Column. We will add more Rox codes as soon as we find them, or if you have one that is not listed on our site, please suggest them through commenting below!

13ROSEVET 100 Rox
50MILLION 100 Free Rox
9TAMESUN 100 Free Rox
APINK20 100 Free Rox
BCDA 300 Rox
BRAINY101 200 Rox
GET300QUICKLY 300 Free Rox
GLAMROX8 250 Free Rox
MOSHIDOSH392 1000 Rox
OCTO39 50 Rox

Moshi Monsters Free Membership Codes

To use these codes, sign into your your account then open your browser to this address: Moshi Monsters Member Trial. Simply enter the codes below. Enjoy free membership for 1 Day.

TICKET Free Membership for 1 Day
TREAT Free Membership for 1 Day
GOLD Free Membership for 1 Day

Secret Codes for Furnitures and Household Items

Decorate and furnish your house with the following Furniture codes for Moshi Monsters.

2PURPLEARMS Purple Chair
ADVENTURE Glump Wallpaper
ADVENTURE Glumpcake Wallpepr
ALLMOSHLINGS Moshling Collection Chart
AMPHISBAENAE Top Trumps Poster
AUSTRALIA Animated Disco Floor
BARFMALLOWS Moshi Twistmas Poster
BARNACLE Captain Buck Poster
DEMONSTA The Fizzbangs Poster
DISCO Fizbang Poster
DJQUAKE2 GB Eye Moshi Monsters Poster
EMBEROOZE Secret Stowaway Poster
EPHEMERAL Ultimate Collectors Poster
FIERY Dragon Wall Art
FIREY Dragon Wall Art
FLUFFYSEAT39 Flurry Luv Chair
GIFTISLAND23 Dustin Beaver Poster
GOOGENHEIM Lady with Urghmin Painting
HOOKUMS Snuffy Poster
HUSKY Strangeglove Frame Poster
MONSTERS Squishy Stool
MONSTROCITY1 Monstro City Map
ONEWORLD One World Liberty Poster
PORT Wiggly Wallpaper
PUZZLEPALACE Animated Disco Floor
RANCH IGGY Champ Poster
SQUIDDLY Strangelove Roary Poster
STOWAWAY Secret Stowaway Poster
TESLA Daily Challenge Puzzle Floor
VOLCANO Dr Strangelove Poster
WISH Beach Poster

Free Stuffs Codes

Get free stuffs by entering the codes. You can get items, foods, and more for your Moshi Monster!

33R3HDHD8T6Y Haunted Diamond Tiara
6GW7AREYH49U Lost Marbles of Eggleton
9G4K3P9MLTFP Sneezy Flute of Pepper Geyser
9MT4GMC4NM4Y Flaming Sword of Awesomeness
BARDBRAIN Shakesfear Bust
BARF8 Barfmallows
BLEURGH Cuddly Peppy
CAMPY Aarr! Pirate Flag
CHUNKZ Carton of Sour Milk
CORN Slopcorn
CUBE8 Green
CUPCAKE12 Cuddly Cutie Pie
DROOL33 Musical Beanie Blog
ECTO Spam Burger
FASTFURI 2 Golden Fury Trophy
FIZZING Cuddly Kissy
GIANTEGGY88 Moshi Big Egg
GINGERSNAP11 R2 Trashcan
GOLDENFURI Golden Furi Trophy
GOOGENHIME22 Rainbow Maker
JKYDPD7XCTDR Black Pearl of Potion Ocean
LEMONPIE Moshi Music Headphones
MASH4 Bangers and Mash
MICE9 Mice Crispies
MOSHI310 Cuddly Big Bad Bill
MOSHI33 Golden Katsuma Trophy
MOSHISPORT 2 Golden Diavlo Trophy
MOSHLINGZOO1 Hamsterball
N8AD6679T7CY Karat Shiny Parrot
NAY76767 Switchy Tyre Swing
PEPCORN Pepper Popcord
PIEBIKE10 Golden Luvli Trophy
PROFPURPLEX6 Confetti Rocket
QUACKATTACK39 Cuddly Cutie Pie
R7CKAFNjDPGU Goblet of Goosebump Gultch
RASPBERRY Cheeky Gargoyle
REDANDGREEN 3d Glasses for Your Closet
REVIVALCUPPA934 Emergentea
RINGRING Telegroan Booth
ROARSOME1 Scary Gargoyle
SANDY2 Essence of Blue
SHOTPUT Golden Diavlo Trophy
SLUDG3 Sludge Fudge
SLURP1 Moshi Mug
SLURP3 Slug Slurp Slushie
SPDER Spider Lolly
SPINACHTOFFEE Cuddly Priscilla
SWIMPOPPET Golden Poppet Trophy
SWIRL6 Swirlberry Muffin
WORKOUT22 2 Golden Katsuma Trophy
X4D8U834E3XF Shimmering Snaggletooth Sapphire

Secret Moshlings

Create the following Moshlings using the following combinations:

Angel Magic + Pepper + Pepper OR Magic + Pepper + Star
Big Bad Bill Yellow Love + Black Star + Blue Star
Blurp Purple Moon + Pink Love + Black Love/Blue Moon
Bonkers Black Daisy + Pink Moon + Black Dragon OR Red Moon + Black Moon + Blue Daisy
Burnie 2 Red Apple + 1 Blue Daisy
Cali Blue Moon + Pink Magic + Yellow Moon
Cleo Yellow Apple + Blue Daisy + Pink Daisy
Chop Chop 3 Dragons
Coolio Pink Apple + Love + Black Star
Cutie Pie Blue Dragon + Pink Star + Purple Daisy
Waldo Pink Love + Purple/Black Dragon + Red Star
Gigi Yellow Pepper + Blue Pepper + Red Moon
Gurgle Red Dragon + Yellow Magic + Purple Love
General Fuzukie Purple Star + Red Pepper + Yellow Love
Oddie Yellow Star + Black Star + Purple Star
Chi-Chi 3 Black Snap Apples OR 2 Red Stars + 1 Black Dragon Fruit
Friggy 1 White Crazy Daisy + 1 Gold Snap Apple + 1 Black Dragon Fruit
Humpthree 3 Silver Magic Beans
Hansel Blue or Purple Dragon + Black Magic + Black Moon
Ecto Red Love + Black Love + Pink/Yellow Pepper
Fifi Pink Pepper + Yellow Magic + Red Dragon
Flumpy Black Moon + Red Magic + Red Star
Honey Red or Blue Magic + Yellow Love + Blue Apple
Humphrey Daisy + Magic + Pepper
Iggy 2 Purple Daisy + Black Moon
Jeepers Blue Apple + Pink Love + Red Daisy
Kissy Purple Star + Yellow Star + Black Magic
Lady Meowford Blue Moon + Pink Moon + Purple Star
Liberty any Apple + Yellow Dragon + Blue Star
McNulty Yellow Apple + Purple Star + Black Apple
Mini Ben Purple Pepper + Red Magic + Blue Love
Mr Snoodle Red Pepper + Purple Magic + Blue Pepper
Oddie Yellow Star + Black Star + Purple Star
Peppy Penguin Blue, Red or Black Moon + Purple Moon + Yellow Magic

Moshi Monsters CHEATS and Tips

  • Get two Moshlings. Plant Magic Beans, Love Berry and Dragon Fruit. When they grow you will have two Moshlings.
  • Catch O’Really. O’Really is a green leprechaun Moshling. To catch him, use the codes Yellow Dragon Fruit, Blue Dragon Fruit and Star Blossom.
  • Catch Roxy. To catch Roxy, enter the code HOBBIDIDANCE. You will get a Roxy Rose. Plant it with any two seeds and wait a few hours.
  • Restore health. To restore your monster’s health, go to the food shop in Main Street and buy Roarberry Cheese Cake. Feed it to your monster.
  • Get lots of Rox. Plant 3 magic beans to get 1 to 100 Rox, depending on your monster’s happiness and health. You can also plant three Rox flowers in the Moshling garden to get at least 100 Rox.
  • Repeat Daily Challenge. You can get more Rox by repeating the Daily Challenge several times. To do this, right click on your monster and go home. Drink a Toad Soda and go to Daily Challenge and play again.
  • Shop talk. To get the people in the paper store, fancy store and dress up store to keep talking, click on the arrow to go down when they are talking. The voices will stop but their mouths will keep moving.
  • Get a Rox plant. Plant two seeds and wait until they are fully grown. Plant a third seed and exit the garden. Go back to the garden. You may see a small blue seed instead of the plant. Let it grow and you’ll have a Rox plant.
  • Get many friends. You need at least one friend for this to work. Go to your friend’s room and click on their friend tree. Click on one of their friends to go to their room. Click their friend tree to send a friend request. Click on their pinboard and click on somebody else’s photo. Repeat to get as many friends as you want.
  • Get Moshlings without seeds (members only). Go to your Moshling zoo and pick one that you like. Right click on it and click zoom in three times. Left click on the Moshling and right click on it again. Finally click “show all” to get the Moshling.
  • Grow seeds faster. Plant Moshling seeds and play some puzzles for fifteen to twenty minutes. When you return, the seeds will have grown.
  • Easy level up. To level up fast, feed your monster its favorite food twice. Log out and wait for a few minutes, then log back in. Go to the mall and buy the cheapest clothes. Play your monster’s favorite game and repeat daily. Do the daily challenge and play Flutterfly Fields, Ice Scream and En-Gen.
  • Butter game trick. Avoid getting hit by bugs and get hit by the beetles instead. Get lots of butterflies.
  • Talking monster. To get your monster to talk, click on the monster head and change your home décor.
  • Beat Daily Challenge. If you get a lot of wrong answers in Daily Challenge, click Home before the puzzle ends. Then play the puzzle again.
  • Get cherry bomb (members only). Go to the volcano and select mission 4. You must have completed the previous missions. Finish Candy Catastrophe to get the cherry bomb.
  • Dancing disco lights (members only). Get disco lights from Horrods. Place them anywhere in the room and click on it. Quickly go to your inventory and grab the lights. The lights will start to boogie.

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