My Singing Monsters Hack Tool and Cheats for Free Diamonds

Get the latest scoop on cheats and hacks for My Singing Monsters that actually works. Why spend money on expensive diamonds and coins when you can generate all the resources in My Singing Monsters for free? Recently pushed out of the beta stage, this public version of MSM hack is the fastest and easiest way to get free diamonds.

Ultimate My Singing Monsters Hack Tool

Unlock the full potential of your My Singing Monsters by leveraging the powerful My Singing Monsters hack tool. This diamond hacks for My Singing Monsters lets the user create infinite diamond and coins on the fly, all for free!

Besides the key resources you can generate, this gem hack tool also is in development to let you unlock other achievements in game instantly.


This program is being regularly updated every week. Here are the list of all the fully working features and other items that are currently under development.

  • 100% Free for Personal Use
  • Generate unlimited diamonds, coins & shards
  • No password or activation key needed
  • Undetectable – use reverse ip roxies to mask your location
  • In-development – unlimited treats foods, unlock monsters, unlock structures

Works With Following Devices

  • Android
  • iOS: iPhone, iPad
  • PC
  • Mac
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Nook

My Singing Monsters Cheats, Tips and Tricks for Fast Diamonds and More

New to My Singing Monsters? Read on some My Singing Monsters cheats, tips and tricks to find out how you could make the most out of your game.

First in the list is how to obtain My Singing Monsters free diamonds. Surely, the developers would want you to spend real money in order to have diamonds and speed up different processes in the game. But did you know that you could earn diamonds simply by downloading whatever there is on the menu of TapJoy inside the game? You could also download other games and even watch videos. These My Singing Monsters diamond cheats, in turn, could be used to speed up incubation or breeding of the monsters.

Another thing to remember is that food is a necessity once you have started the game. Save your money to buy food for your monsters. This way, you could be able to breed the monsters you really need, and for the money that’s left, you could remove rocks or trees for upgrades, XP points, and more options. The usual practice is to buy a bakery after you already have a breeding station. Feed your monsters to level 4 since this is the required level to be able to breed. Feed them to higher levels to make them bigger and to make more money in return.

Lastly, a very essential part of games like My Singing Monsters are the currency being used. In this case, coins are the main currency in the game. These coins may be used as an exchange for shards in the market, to clear obstacles, bake monster food, upgrade or buy structures, buy islands, purchase decorations, and buy pure element monsters. It is necessary that a player knows how to obtain coins.

Basically, to earn coins, a monster should be visible in the island. These monsters may also be sold, except when they are in Ethereal Island or Gold Island. Once a monster is ready to hatch, it can be sold for a fixed price. Aside from the monsters, structures and decorations can also be sold. Keep in mind that fulfilling goals may also be a source of coins. Also, in the castle, there are scratch tickets which award coins. If you are in a bit of a rush, you could always purchase coins with actual money.

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