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Poptropica is a virtual world designed for kids ages 6 to 15. Like other online communities, members can customize their avatar and clothing, travel to different areas of Poptropica, play games and chat with each other. Members can also complete quests (also known as “islands”) to get medals and unlock cool items.

Poptropica Island Cheats, Secrets, Glitches and Tips

Islands are fun to play, but some can be very challenging. To make gameplay a little bit easier and a lot more fun, Poptropica members have submitted glitches and cheats over the years. Cheats and glitches are monitored by the Poptropica team, so don’t be surprised if they no longer work. This means that the glitches have been fixed. Below is a compilation of user-submitted Poptropica cheats, codes and glitches sorted by island.

Early Poptropica Cheats

Change skin color Go to Poptropica Towers and look for the man selling different-colored balloons. Get the balloon color you want to change your skin to that color.
Easter Egg Find the well and go down it. Look for the glow stick and go to the pit. Go to the bottom of the pit and go left to enter a dark room. Look for the golden egg. Exit and give it to the giant in the sky.
Glow Stick You need a Jet Pack for this to work. Go to the left side of Poptropica Tower and then go under the ground. Climb down the rope and you’ll have a glow stick. Remove the jet pack and climb up the rope. You’ll get a glow stick when you exit.
Hidden Costume Find the orange flower pot in the Poptropica Tower. To get the hypnotic costume behind the pot, click on the window behind it.
Manhole Glitch Find the manhole and go down through it. Click the back arrow on the upper left corner to get your character under the manhole. You can then jump out of it.
Somersault Trick Somersault over the fire and click the fire at the same time you land on the ground. Your character will say “That’s hot!” If you walk forward or backward, your character will slide. Click another area to stop the action.

Shark Tooth Island Guide

Batman costume To get the Batman costume, you need to finish Super Hero Island first. After completing it, go to Shark Tooth Island and go inside the temple. Use the customizer icon on the person wearing the bat costume.
Shave trick Buy Medusa from the store and use it on Professor Hammerhead. He will lose his stubble and have tan skin.
Sliding glitch Find the ancient ruins and go inside the place with the blinking eyes. You need to buy a time freezer. Put the time freezer on, jump and quickly hit the space bar. When you move your character it will slide, not walk.
Walk on water This works only if you haven’t beaten Shark Tooth Island. When Professor Hammerhead and the boy is following you, go past the cannon and jump on the far left side of the crate. Talk to the Professor and you should fall off. The Professor and the boy would be standing on water.

Time Tangled Island Cheats and Tricks

Bounce trick Go to Time Tangled Island. While your character is falling and the island is loading, open a new page. Your character will bounce up and down. To make your character walk, jump in the sea and walk back to land.
Viking axe Go to the place with the hidden Viking suit. Put on the Viking suit and go to costume collector (you can get it from the store) to save it. Now take the suit off and go back to costume collector to select the Viking suit you saved. Customize the axe only.
Flowers in the air trick You need Flower Power from the store for this to work. Go to the place with falling icicles and stand on the edge. Hit spacebar to plant. You’ll be able to plant flowers on air.

Easter Eggs Hunt

Fire stick Get your Glider and go to the Vikings. Find the cave and go inside to see the fire stick. Remove your Glider and exit the cave to get the fire stick.
Torch Go to Viking Time and go into the cave. Once you have the torch, travel to another time. You should get a torch that never burns out.
Viking suit Use your time device and click on 1831 AD. Go to the cave but don’t go in. Get your glider and jump on the right side of the cave to get the suit.

24 Carrot Island Secrets

Blues Brother Look for the Mayor and customize him, but only get his hat. Travel to Spy Island and go into the HQ. Look for an agent with a tux and shades and customize these items. Buy the outfit with the singer at the store and customize only the microphone. You’ll have your own Blues Brother look.
Change hair color Go to the Carrot Diner and click on the drinks. Mix the colors to get something you want. Drink it and press Ctrl + Shift + S to change your hair color.
Change the cat After the cat is out of the shower, press Ctrl + Shift + R. The cat changes into a person. If you want to change the cat color, press Ctrl + Shift + S.
Cup of black juice Go inside the Carrot Diner. Click on “Change Your Hair Color.” You’ll see a screen with color containers. Fill the cup with white and drink it while pressing Ctrl + Shift + S. Close the window and log in to your account. Your character will be holding a cup of black juice.

Super Power Island Cheats

Electrify without color You need electrify for this to work, but you must not have flying power. Electrify yourself, then beat five villains. When you answer the phone, you will be electrified without color.
Go underground Find the comic shop and get on one of the windows on the left or right. Click enter. When you jump off, click and hold the back button to get underground.
Red face You need the flying power to do this. Climb halfway up a rope and press Ctrl + Shift + 3. When you see the animation face get red, press Ctrl + Shift + 4. Your character will have a red face. Activate your flying power and fly off the rope. Your character will fly with a red face.
Tap dancing Defeat one villain or beat the island, and then go to the prison. Stand on a window next to the villain. Click on the villain to start tap dancing.
Trampoline trick You must have the flying power to do this. Go into the daily paper building and go to the top floor. Make your character fly halfway to the top and hold for about 5 seconds. Let go. Before your character hits the ground, press the top to fly up and down.

Spy Island Codes and Glitches

Bald trick Complete one island and buy the Medusa Hair from the store. Go to Spy Island and wait until someone gets hit by a laser and becomes bald. Get your Medusa Hair and click “Select Character.” Click on the bald person to put snakes on their head. Click on “Select Character” again and click on the bald person to restore their hair.
Big hat (girls only) Customize the cap that the spies have. Buy the Pop Star costume from the store and customize the cap only. Press accept to get a very big hat.
Bow tie trick Wear your grappling bow tie and get on the wire connecting the HQ with the place on top of Spyglass Eyewear. While jumping, aim the bow tie down to make it stick there. You’ll be in the parkway.
Bubbles Go to the top of the hair salon and find the red thing. Stand on it and it will blow bubbles.
Cat ears Put on the Chameleon Suit and go to the docks. Go inside the warehouse and click on the cat. Click on customizer and then click the store icon. Select a costume and customize whatever you want.
Chameleon suit Go to the spyglass store and ask for an eye exam. When the man in the lab coat points to something, pick the opposite direction on each one. You’ll get a chameleon suit.
F8 Go to the chat room and press F8. Your mouse will become a swirl. Refresh the page to be surrounded by sparkles.
Invisible follower Go to the HQ and buy balloons, one Followers pack, one Smiley Potion and a Shrink Ray Gun from the store. If you shrink a person on that floor, your follower will disappear.
Lose a leg Customize the pirate peg leg from Skullduggery Island. Go to Spy Island and customize the shirt of the spy at the docks. You will be missing a leg.
Mannequin trick Go to Spyglass Eyewear and tell the man you want an eye exam. While you’re talking, click the customizer t-shirt. Click the mannequin and customize its glasses. Click “Accept” and the mannequin will start breathing.
Michael Jackson dance Go to the top of the HQ and jump on the ledge. Click on the agent under the clothesline. Your character will start dancing the hump dance from “Thriller.
Rock star girls Go to the chat room in Spy Island. Go to the top floor and climb up to the chair on the stage. You’ll have the pop star outfit. Press spacebar.
Table dance Go to the bistro, get the glass and jump on the table. Your character will dance nonstop on top of the table.
Talk to strangers Get on top of the building above the eye shop. Talk to the person standing there. Click customize and click on the person. While the customizer is loading, click repeatedly to the left to start walking. Close the customizer. A chat window will pop in the air on the top right where you can chat with strangers.
Treadmill Go on top of the wire that connects the HQ to the eye shop and jump on it. When you’re very high up, go to your inventory and use the treadmill. You’ll be on a treadmill in mid-air.

Nabooti Island Tips

Mancala game The Mancala game is scored based on the final move, so you may be declared a winner if you lose or a loser if you win.
Stand in midair Complete Nabooti Island. Go inside the museum on Main Street and find where the Nabooti Totem used to stand. Jump on the on the word Nabooti and then jump on the wooden platform. Climb up to the highest platform and jump towards the middle of the light beam. You’ll be standing in midair.

Big Nate Island Guide

Dive without a suit Dive underwater with your diving suit. Remove your suit while still underwater and you’ll be swimming without the suit.
Stand on wire Jump on the wire beside the blimp and then jump above the chimney of the pop-in store. You will stand on the chimney. Click on the side and you will be tossed in the air.

Astro Knights Island Cheats

Bouncing on the roof Go to the Crop Circle Inn but do not enter. Jump on the roof over the door then jump on the windowsill. Jump on the roof and try to go to the highest point. You will bounce up and down on the point.
Colorless electricity Use electrify and go in the water on the ice planet. You’ll have sparks without color. You can also go to the fire planet and jump in the lava. When you come out you will be electrified but colorless.
Disappearing act (only works with a key to the well) Go to the fountain and enter this password: moon planet star sun. While the place is moving down, click on it to make yourself disappear.
Fire and ice flowers Go to the ice planet or the fire planet. When your character is complaining about the hot/cold, use Flower Power to plant flowers in the lava or ice water.
Jump through the ceiling Go to Astrozone and talk to the girl on the corner. Go beside the wall and jump up to go through the ceiling.
Mouse in midair You need the mechanical mouse for this to work. Go outside the king and queen’s room and release the mouse on the stairs. Jump down the stairs to make the mouse crawl in midair.
Switch heads Go inside the fountain. Jump on the table at the end of the room and wait until a boy and a grandma put their heads together. Jump down and jump up and the boy and the grandma will switch heads.

Counterfeit Island Walkthrough

Counterfeit Island Underground Tunnel Ticket Go to the Haunted House and click “Items” to bring up an “Undefined.” You’ll find the ticket inside.
Elastic fire Go to Bobo’s Clown Shop and choose a balloon. Go to Main street and climb halfway up the rope. Buy the torch from the store and turn it on. The fire will stretch down to the ground.
Fly with a balloon Go to Bobo’s Clown Shop and get a balloon. Go to Main Street and climb halfway up the rope. The balloon will slowly rise. When it is very high up, get off the rope and you will be flying.

Reality TV Island Guide

Bubble ponytail First, you need to customize hair from Sally Score. Go back to the helicopter and do the moonwalk while blowing bubbles. Your ponytail will squirt out bubbles.
Bubble spin Chew Popgum while you moonwalk as far as you can on top of the blades. Release the left mouse button and press spacebar quickly to make your mouth blow bubbles.
Helicopter spin Get the helicopter on top of Wayside Motel. Stand on the middle of the propellers to make your character spin around and yawn while spinning. Click and hold the left or right blade while it spins and your character will do the moonwalk.
Smile instead of cry Do really badly on a mission so you know that you’ll be leaving. Click on “Begin Voting” and vote normally. When judging starts, press Ctrl + Shift + 4. When you get voted off, you will smile and float away instead of cry.

Mythology Island Cheats

Giant character After beating the island, wear the Hades crown. Press spacebar to make your character a giant.
Invisible trick Talk to the girl who will give you the Touch Screen Mirror. Stand beside a bush and wear the Hades crown and Poseidon’s trident. Press the spacebar twice quickly. Your body will disappear except for your face.
Look like Hades Go to Hades’ place and customize him except the mouth. Buy the Rock Star 2 costume and change the color to black. Change your hair color to black and your skin color to white.
Look like Zeus Get the trident and crown and go to the land of Zeus. Light the four statues. When you are wearing the crown and trident, press and hold Ctrl + Shift + H. Let Zeus strike you down. After the battle, you will be wearing the crown and trident. Press spacebar to be supersizes and shoot out white electricity.
Sparkly and non-sparkly characters Get the trident of Poseidon and the crown of Hades. Press spacebar twice to make a big non-sparkly character appear. Press the spacebar again to make a tiny sparkly character appear.

Skullduggery Island Tips

One foot trick Customize the peg leg from Skullduggery Island, then customize the body piece from robot mouse or lion from the store. You will have one leg.
Walk on air Go to Dragon Cove and stand at the end of the bridge. Press Ctrl + Shift + H over and over until the bridge disappears. Walk across the bridge like you’re walking on air.

Cryptids Island Trick

Motorcycle trick When you are riding the motorcycle, you can drive off screen.

Wild West Island Hidden Item

Rare key Go to Rocky Rudge and then go to the train tracks. Go right until you find the cart. Jump up when you see yellow feathers. Click on the Canary. Go left and press the lick to get a key.

Red Dragon Island Glitch

Fat Jack Buy the Shrink Ray Gun and shrink Jack the Sumo Wrestler. Go to Frog Creek or Japan. Jack will become fat while you travel.

Shrink Ray Island Tricks

Floating trick Look for Avenue A. Stand at the edge and jump. Keep on walking until you are floating.
Grow Mr. Silva You need to complete Shrink Ray Island first. Go to the Science Fair and buy the Shrink Ray Gun from the store. Shrink Mr. Silva. He will grow back, but CJ and her parents will shrink.
Whee Find the slide. While sliding down, just when you’re about to hit the red swing, point your arrow up like and you will fly off all the way to Sweet Dreams Candy Shop.

Twisted Thicket Island Item Tip

Magic amulet Do not stop the bulldozers

General Cheats, Glitches, Codes and Easter Eggs

Secret Poptropica Codes for 2012

Ctrl + Shift + H Change your hair color. If it does not work, click on the screen and press H.
Ctrl + Shift + P Wear a pumpkin mask.
Ctrl + Shift + R Change your character’s appearance at random. You may need an item in your hand, like a cell phone.
Ctrl + Shift + S Change your skin color.
Ctrl + Shift + F4 Random words appear in the top left corner. Press again to make the words disappear.
Ctrl+ Shift + F5 Make your character fly.
Ctrl + Shift + F6 Works like Ctrl + Shift + R to change your appearance at random.
Ctrl +Shift + 0 Wear a shark costume.
Ctrl + Shift + 1 Makes your character do the laugh emote.
Ctrl + Shift + 2 Makes your character do the cry emote.
Ctrl + Shift + 3 Makes your character do the angry emote.
Ctrl + Shift + 4 Makes your character do the jump emote.
F12 A chat bar will appear at the bottom of the screen where you can type. Press F12 to remove.

Cell Phone Codes

Dial the number on your cell phone to get the effect. The cell phone is found at the Mountains of the Moon on Nabooti Island.

1225 Santa Hat and Sack
1337 Nerd Suit
411 Brain Head
911 Cop Suit

Easter Eggs Codes

[list style=”arrow”]
  • Stand on a rope: Find any rope in Poptropica and climb halfway up the rope. Press Ctrl + Shift + 1, 2 or 3 (For example, Ctrl + Shift + 1). Your character will stand in midair.
  • Laughing while angry: Press Ctrl + Shift + 3 to do the angry emote. When the face starts to get red, press Ctrl + Shift + 4 to do the jump emote. Your character will jump and smile with a red face.

Glitches and Secrets for 2012

Skip what people say Press “S” while people are talking to skip what they say. You may have to click on the screen to get it to work.
Beard hack Buy Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab from the store. Go to the bottom of the store without getting caught. When you see the person with a beard, customize the beard and press “Accept.”
New emotions Buy the ball costume and press spacebar to do new emotions.
Free bubble gum Buy the elf costume and press the spacebar to get free gum. To blow a bubble, press spacebar and go into any lake. Wait a few seconds and get out. Press spacebar to make the bubble come out.
Funny mouth Talk to any person. Customize the mouth while the person is talking to get a funny mouth. Be sure to customize before they finish talking.
Double your costumes You need to get the 4th birthday costume three times. To do this, go into a multiplayer room then exit. Do this a few times until you’ve popped the balloon three times. You’ll have double costumes and powers.
How to Flip Run and press Ctrl + Shift + 2. Point the arrow down to flip.
Afro guy Someone must ask you to play a game (like Hoops). Their character will turn into an afro guy wearing an undershirt.
Look like another Poptropican First get the Pumpkin Head. Use customizer and click the person you want to look like. Click “Cancel” on the customizer screen. Remove the pumpkin head and get it again. Go to customizer and click the person you want again. You will look like them.
Jump around While using costumizer, press Ctrl + Shift + 4 and move your mouse over to the side. Your character will jump to where the mouse is.
Dance party Play Balloons with another player. Let the other player win until the fourth balloon goes up and stops. Close the game and click “OK” when you see the pop up. Everyone in the room will start dancing.
Slow motion Talk to a person or jump off a tall building. While talking or still in the air, click and hold the address bar move in slow motion.
Seizure Attach the Samurai Sword to your character. While standing or walking, hold the spacebar. You will have a seizure.
Slide walk and robot walk Press and hold Ctrl + Shift + 2 to slide walk with your eyes closed. Press and hold Ctrl + Shift + 2 and run. Your arms will not move while you run.
French hat Go to Poptropica. Click the mouse and spin it around while the page loads. When the page has loaded, continue to spin and hold to make a character with a French hat fall from the sky.
Look like Mario Buy the Baseball Fielder character and change hat color to red. Change your hair color to black. Buy the Albert Einstein costume and costumize the mustache. Get blue pants to look like Mario.
Lego Racer outfits Find the Lego agents and Lego racer building. Win Lego Racer to get a racer suit, and win Lego Agents to get a Lego Agent suit.

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