Real Racing 3 Hack & Cheats for Money and Gold

Your search stops here if you are looking for Real Racing 3 hack. Released in 2015 is the resource generator for Real Racing 3 that select few have had the privileage of using for a while. Now it is available to you as a public release of the online software, which means no downloading is necessary for you to use the hack.

Getting upgrades and new cars have never been easier with the advent of this exciting new hack. Outrace all your foes and leave them in dust by having access to infinite money and gold.

real racing 3 hackedSo How Does the Hacks for Real Racing 3 Work?

A lot of question we get around the money generator is that, does it work for this device or that. We are here to report that yes, Real Racing 3 hack tool indeed works for both iOS and Android mobile devices as of 2015.

No need to jailbreak your iPhone or root your Android mobiles because this online generator works right on your browser.

  • Generate up to 100,000 gold per use
  • Add up to 50,000 R$ per day
  • Special proxy protection to keep your Real Racing 3 account safe
  • 100% Free to use unlike other hacks for Real Racing 3 out there
  • Ability to unlock all cars and all events are coming soon so stay tuned!

Real Racing 3 Cheats for Android and iOS

If you love playing car racing games, this is surely the game for you. EA has brought to us one of the best mobile racing games there is now. Sure enough, EA knows their craft well in doing this game. The cars you could choose from would surely make you want the game to happen in real life. There are a lot of cars and cups to choose from. In mastering the game with Real Racing 3 cheats, you might want to check these tips and tricks:

1. If you are still a rookie, the automatic braking feature is surely helpful. But once you have mastered the game, it is advisable to turn off automatic braking. You may want to consider turning it off in full or you may do so partially. This helps in cutting time you spend in races as you may control your car for tight corners. Once you personally do the braking, you will surely see positive results.

2. Cut corners for race tracks you have mastered already. Cutting corners means flattening out a curve as you drive across corners. In doing so, you’d be able to maintain speed no matter how challenging the track is. To cut a corner, ease off the gas just a little bit and do not ever let it fall down. Just make sure you’ll do this right, or else, your car could bump other racers or even a barricade.

3. When you’ve already gotten to the first place, you must maintain it at all costs. If playing dirty is what it takes, do it. If a racer is close to you, turn into the direction where he is going. Simply put, cut him off. This is very effective when driving in a straight path. Let them get close and bump them. It’s that easy with cheats for Real Racing 3.

4. If you are not yet in the first spot, drive safe and clean. Playing wildly on the road may backfire eventually as you may notice that the performance of your vehicle is compromised at the end of the race.

5. If your car is not fully repaired yet and you are having second thoughts of using it for a race, do not be afraid to do so. Some races may not need your car to be in a very good condition. If you do not have enough cash then use the Real Racing 3 money cheats. You think you can already drive well, you may opt to push your car for a race despite the circumstances. Just remember not to risk a ride that is already on its last leg.

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