Shadow Fight 2 Hacks and Cheats for Unlimited Gems & Coins

Originally a Facebook browser game, Shadow Fight 2 is now available on Android and iOS. Despite the game being one of the most fun fighting games you can play on mobile devices, the freemium nature of the game can frustrate many users. This is why many players of the game chooses to use the Shadow Fight 2 hack to generate unlimited gems and coins in 2015.

Accumulating enough coins to buy your weapons, armors and helmets is the biggest challenge with the game. Some may choose to use the hacked mod apk but the easiest method is by using the Shadow Fight 2 Hack Tool.

Hack Tool for Shadow Fight 2 Has Been Released in 2015

You can only use the Shadow Fight 2 cheats once a day and generate up to a certain amount of free gems and coins. This is to deter the spammers from ruining the hack tool for everyone else.

Currently, you can get up to 99,999 coins and 99,999 gems per usage. You do not need to root your Android Phones or jailbreak your iPhones by using complicated tools like cydia, ifunbox and ifile. Windows phone support has recently been added to ensure maximum cross-device compatibility. You can use the online hack without downloading anything as it is completely browser based.

Take Advantage of Shadow Fight 2 Cheats for Android and iOS

Shadow Fight 2 is now available in Android and iOS. For all the role-playing games out there, this game is surely worth a try. The endless rival between ninjas is the main theme and Shadow Fight 2 cheats will give you the ultimate edge over your opponent fighters. Fight amongst ninjas and demons and become the top ninja in no time. But the road towards there is difficult. To do conquer such difficulties, you should know a few tips and tricks to get you started.

1. You have a maximum of 5 energy bars in the beginning and for every fight, 1 bar is taken away from you whether you win or you lose. Use the energy cheats to maximize your energy bars. You can make up for the lost energy by watching ads while waiting for your energy bars to come back.

2. Like they always say, practice makes perfect. The punching bag is actually a good tool for training your attack and perfecting your timing. In practicing, you’d know what moves you should use to defeat enemies. When buying weapons, you could also try practicing first since there’s a lot of things you could do with a weapon.

Just randomly tapping would not do the trick. Study your enemies’ moves well and calculate your moves according to your distance between the opponent and what weapon you are using. You could do a combination of kicks and punches but the latter are more preferred in causing damage.

3. Play duel or survival games just to gain quick coins. These coins may later on be used to upgrade weapons and buy helmets or armors. To gain unlimited gems, make sure you complete achievements set in the game but faster way is to simply use the Shadow Fight 2 cheats. You could see these in your main menu of the Shadow Fight 2 hacks.

4. Upgrade whenever possible but skip the useless and unnecessary ones. Buy armors which increase both defense and power. Shadow Fight 2 money cheat lets you add unlimited coins to your account with ease. Make sure buying armor is first in your list, followed by weapons and helmets to increase defense.

5. Before your enemy recovers, attack him immediately. You could be very vulnerable if they recover after a failed attack. For every missed attack, remember to attack back. Another option is to roll past or jump over your enemy to get to the corners and avoid the attacks.

Learn your attacks well such as the standard punch attacks and forward and punch combination. Using such could damage your enemy’s helmet and armor, and later on, decreases their defense. If by any chance, the enemy loses his weapons, their attack power would surely decrease, along with their attacking range.

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