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We’ve been getting a lot of requests on how to hack SimCity Buildit o get free Simoleons and SimCash. If you’ve been around our site for a while, you will remember that we had a working SimCity BuildIt resource generator for a while. We had to take it down because there was a big case of abuse from few select individuals.

After getting the tool modified to limit the usage per IP, we are thrilled to announced that SimCity Buildit SimCash generator is back and it’s better than ever.

How to Hack SimCity BuildIt for Unlimited SimCash and Simoleons

This new release of SimCity Buildit Hack tool has been beefed up. Not only can you generate unlimited amount of Simcash and Simoleons, it can also add other powerful resources.

  • Get unlimited SimCash
  • Get unlimited Simoleons
  • New Feature – Add Golden Keys. This was one of the most request feature and now it’s been integrated into the generator.

Currently, the hack tool works with following devices,

  • Android mobile phones and tablets (No rooting is needed)
  • All Apple iPhones, iPads and iPod touch (No jailbreak or Cydia use is needed)

5 Simcity Buildit Cheats and Strategy Guide

Want to play mayor to your own town? Simcity Buildit is surely the game for you. Build your own city and lure people to move in your place. As your city becomes larger, the more citizens you’ll be needing. Add services and solve challenges to keep your citizens satisfied and to keep your city growing. Here are a few key SimCity Buildit cheats and tips to get you started:

1. To be successful, it is necessary to expand your population or use the cheat codes provided on this page. Make sure to have a lot of people in and expand whenever possible. The more people there are, the more tax money there would be for different projects. You may build parks to keep your citizens happy and you will surely gain a lot of coins.

2. Make sure to be aware all the time of the different things happening in your areas, especially in the residential ones. If residential areas are well maintained, most likely, there would be a positive effect in the area and more tax income could be generated. For residential areas, it is necessary to have police stations and fire stations close.

3. Customize and re-customize your city whenever you want to. You may change the locations of your buildings, streets, and your entire master plan. Remember that a city that is managed well will generate more income for you.

4. Keep your factories up and running all the time. Factories can provide metal, plastic, wood, seeds, and minerals. Before you move on to other parts of the city which needs tending to, you should set the jobs which would allow you to produce these. While you are waiting for the production of these items to end, work around your city. If some items need more time to produce, leave them running while you are offline or use the resource cheats for Simcity Buildit.

5. In upgrading residential areas, keep some items with you all the time. As the materials in factories are manufactured, you should gather them but keep a balanced mix of materials to keep your population happy. You may do this by building up a better neighborhood for them. Also, as a rule of thumb, keep away your industrial area away from the residential area.

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