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I’ve been playing SmallWorlds for several years now and I can never seem to get enough of it! Populated by teens and young adults, SmallWorlds is one of the most dynamic browser games that I’ve had the pleasure of playing. Lately, I’ve been saving up for gold by doing various things like doing daily spins and completing mission. When I discovered the SmallWorlds gold generator online recently, I jumped at the chance to use the SmallWorlds free gold generator. I’m happy to report that I am a lot richer all thanks to this powerful hack for SmallWorlds.

SmallWorlds Gold Generator and VIP Adder that Works

You can only squeeze so much gold from doing mundane tasks. Not only does it take a lot of time to get free gold cheats, it can also be expensive if you decide to pay for it. This is why the gold generator for SmallWorlds is such a welcome introduction to the community.

Besides being able to generate unlimited free SmallWorlds gold also allows you to add free tokens to your account. Check the full list of features below.


  • Add unlimited gold and tokens
  • Activate VIP Account for FREE. It will take 3 – 4 days for activation to be applied to your account.
  • Online SmallWorlds gold hack doesn’t require any downloads
  • Short survey will be required to verify that you are indeed a legitimate player of SmallWorlds
  • Works for PC, Mac and all compatible Android and iOS devices

Top 10 Tips and Cheats for SmallWorlds

Smallworlds is a game set in a virtual world which could be playerd in browsers. Basically, it is like Sims where players could create worlds and rooms, and spend time with friends. It is sort of like a social networking website, but a game on the other hand.

New to Smallworlds? Here are a few tips and tricks (and even some SmallWorlds cheats) from the other players:

1. Make it a point to visit forums from time to time so you would know what’s going on with the game upgrades. You could also learn a few tips and tricks from these people. You may see the forum on the upper left corner of your browser with the “Forum” word in it. Click on it and explore the variety of information present.

2. Seek help from Moderators and Helpers who are assigned by Smallworlds creators themselves. Asking help is free so make the most out of it. They are usually the ones with “M” or “+” signs in their avatars. They are also usually wearing maroon or gold capes.

3. Those that ask money in return for help are most likely scammers.

4. Always take time to do tutorial missions. Once you are in the Landing Pad, accept the tutorial mission assigned to you. You may decline if you do not want to do it yet but eventually, you must. Basically, these will help you get started in moving to places, buying stuff, moving furniture, and even changing the decorations of your room. Completing your missions could give you XPs which could give you prizes such as Flickr frames.

5. There are user-created missions which are fun to accomplish and educational at the same time when using SmallWorlds cheats. The staff’s personal favorites are the Too Smart For Scammers and Scam Prevention. These missions could help you be street smart so as not to be fooled by those bad people around.

6. Public spaces are always free. These are the Rachels Tea Rooms, The Island, and Cue Club. You won’t have to pay for anything to enter these so most likely, if someone asks for money, it’s a scam.

7. Never give personal and private information to others. Report abuse whenever you encounter one.

8. Just like in real life, before buying something, check out other stores first so you would know where to spend your money wisely. Cheap finds are usually at flea markets or thrift shops.

9. Spin to win whenever you can. Win as large as 100,000 gold cheats.

10. Join contests and competitions. Prizes may be as much as 52,000 tokens or 12,000 free gold.

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