Summoners War Hack and Cheats for Free Crystals

Looking for easy ways to obtain free Crystal, Glory Points and Mana Stones? Then your search is over because Summoners War hack is the ultimate resource generator that we’ve all been waiting for.

Sure, you can grind your way to the top by doing daillies but who enjoys getting only a few crystals at a time? For impatient gamers like us, infinite resource generator for Summoners War is a godsend. One of the best things about this little known tool is that everything is done online. This means you do not need to download anything to get started.

Summoners War Hack Tool for Unlimited Crystals

Using Summoners War hack tool couldn’t be any easier. All you need to do is enter your username, select the amount of resources you want and viola! You will find that it has added that exact amount to your account instantly.

You also have an option to use Proxy and Anti-Ban feature, which has been added in 2015. So if you’ve been wondering how you can hack Summoners War for free crystals and mana stones, this is your solution.

Summoners War Resource Generator Features

Summoners War gold generator enjoys the following features, all for free to the fans of the game.

  • Add up to 250,000 crystal per day online
  • Generate up to 500,000 mana stones and glory points every 24 hours.
  • Coming soon is an option to add Energy and Arena.
  • Works for All Android devices without rooting your phone or tablet, with no downloads.
  • Compatible with iOS. This includes iPhones, iPad and iPods. No need to jailbreak or use Cydia/ifunbox/ifile/xsellize to access the hack tool for Summoners War.
  • Establish secure connection through proxy so your account is ban-proof.

Top 10 Summoners War Cheats, Tricks and Glitches

Summoners War is now one of the trending role playing games both in the Android and iOS platforms. Slowly, the game is taking over the gaming scene and with its bunch of unlockable monsters and buildings, you will surely get addicted in no time. Read on to know the different Summoners War cheats to play the game at your best self.

1. Speed up battles by putting them in auto mode and 3x. You may speed up the game up to 2x or 3x and you could use the play button so the game will be in auto mode. Your battles may speed up to 90 percent. This is very effective especially with targeting. For battles that are challenging, healing spells may not be used while targeting so just go back the manual mode if you need it.

2. Always include at least one healer in your crew. Start the game with fairy and power her up whenever possible. She may be a tank and a healer so your best bet is to put her in front and raise her statistics as high as you can.

3. Once your monsters have hit maximum experience, level them up using the XPs and power-ups gained from battles. Evolve those using material monsters with star ratings as gaining monsters.

4. Play in the arena for rewards. The more you participate, the more chances of earning rewards. Earn as simple as crystals or as complex as rare monsters as your rewards.

5. Strengthen your defenses and earn arena points easily. Just go to the Summoner Tower and use as strong team as your defense. Keep in mind though that this team should be diverse. Also, have as many Arcane Towers as possible as they could do a great deal of damage to your enemies.

6. Grind for experience, especially for the dungeons. Earn mana here and power-up your monsters and runes even if you do not have the material monsters you need yet. As you unlock hell stages, grind them as well. The more difficult it is, the more mana and XPs you would be getting.

7. To get into the next level and unlock a building, you may build up large rocks and simply get rid of them. As you get rid of them, you could have a hundred XPs and Summoners War crystal cheats. Basically, this is a trick that only a few people know about.

8. Give your monsters the maximum number of runes possible. A monster may have six runes. Power them up by using mana but make sure to do this evenly. As you power them up, the more expensive it gets for future power-ups and the more likely it is for the power-up to fail.

9. Always complete quests to get rewards. Doing so will give you free codes for mana, XP, and crystals.

10. Build the Fusion Hexagram once it is available in the store. Fuse monsters together using this. As you fuse these monsters, they will become a totally new breed and their rarity rating would definitely be higher.

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