Unused Webkinz Codes and Cheats That Actually Works

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Webkinz World is the virtual counterpart of the Webkinz stuffed animals that are sold in stores. Each toy has a secret code that allows access to the Webkinz World website. Webkinz players can adopt new pets, play games, earn prizes and virtual money called KinzCash, complete jobs, interact with other players and do other activities. Using Webkinz Studio, players can also create their own TV shows. To make gameplay easier and more fun, some players use Webkinz cheats. We’ve compiled a list of user-submitted cheats and codes for Webkinz below.

Working Webkinz Codes for Free (Updated Regularly for 2012)

Some players say that if you enter “117yuihd” or “889ry5ui” in the Adoption center, you will get 10,000 KinzCash. Note: If you do it wrong, you may get banned from the game.

Webkinz Unlockables

Unlockable Items Register
Alley Cat Big City Window
American Cocker Spaniel FASTCAR Racer
Basset Hound Detective Desk
Beagle Pawprint Dining Table
Bengal Tiger Rock Ledge Bed
Black Bear Cave Bed
Black Cat Witche’s Brew Bathtub
Black Friesian Hay Bale Sofa
Black Lab Autumn Pawprint Window
Black Poodle Poofy Poodle Chair
Black and White Cheeky Dog Black and Chrome Paw Stove
Black/White Cat Yarn Ball Sofa
Brown Arabian Horse Show Victory Photo
Brown Dog Patchwork Couch
Bull Dog Fire Hydrant Fridge
Bull Frog Lord of the Pond Throne
Charcoal Cat Paw Print Fireplace
Cheeky Cat Cheeky Cat Range
Cheeky Dog Cheeky Dog Grill
Cheeky Monkey Banana Hammock
Chicken Egg Chair
Chihuahua Poco Fiesta Throne
Chocolate Lab Cocoa Basket Bed
Clydesdayle Horse Lucky Horseshoe Fireplace
Cocker Spaniel Bone Fridge
Collie Ossily Plant
Cow Milk Truck
Dalmation Rapid Rescue Fire Truck
Duck Wetlands Pond Bathtub
Elephant Big Top Cart
Frog Lily Pad Water Bed
German Shepard Puppy Patrol Car
Gold/White Cat Kitty Dairy Fridge
Golden Retriever Retriever Treadmill
Google Google Scrying Pond
Gorilla Great Gorilla Hanging Chair
Gray Arabian Three Wishes Genie Lamp
Gray/White Cat Cat Trick Trampoline
Himalayan Cat Yeti Mountain Window
Hippo Wallowing Tub
Horse Racetrack Window
Husky Northern Nights Bed
Kangaroo Desert Jumper Jeep
Koala Wacky Eucalyptus TV
Leapord Lizard Lizard Lounge Chair
Leapord Wilds of the Jungle Sofa
Lion Monarch of the Beasts Throne
Love Frog Love Pond
Love Puppy Tender Hearts Loveseat
Monkey Monkey Business Sofa
Panda Panda Ming Vase Fridge
Pegasus Rainbow Cloud Couch
Penguin Icy Fishing Hole Fridge
Persian Cat Super Fluffy Sofa
Pig Fortune Telling Pig
Pink Pony Beautiful Blush Treadmill
Pink Poodle Pink Convertible
Pink White Cat Pink and White Scratching Post Chair
Pinto Wooden Trough Bathtub
Polar Bear Arctic Window
Poodle Pretty Poodle Vanity
Pug Puggy Bark-o-Lounger
Rabbit Rabbit Eared Television
Raccoon Garbage Can Fridge
Reindeer Far North Sleigh
Schnauzer Schnauzer Jalopy
Seal Icy Ocean Bathtub
Sherbert Bunny Springtime Basket Chair
Spotted Frog Reeds and Rushes Sofa
St. Bernard Ski Lodge Fireplace
Tiger Snake Serpentine Stream
Tiger Tiger Stripe Convertible
Tree Frog Tree Frog Trampoline
Turtle Shell Racer
Tye-Dye Frog Tye-Dye Frog Kaleidoscope
Unicorn Magic Meadow Bed
Velvety Elephant Elephant’s Travel Trunk
White Terrier Trailblazin’ Terrier Scooter
Yellow Lab Lap it up Pool
Yorkie Shaggy Yorkie Couch

Unique Clothing Combinations

Blue Ballgown a Ballerina Top + a Powdered Blue Skirt + Blue Bow
Bright Spies Trench Coat Wing Tip shoes + a Cowboy Hat + Dark Shades
Cowgirl Dress Cowboy hat + Cowboy shirt + Sundress
Glass Slippers Funky Girl Glasses + Princess Hat + Ruby Slippers
Kimono Smocked Sun dress + Chalk Flower Top + Bright Green Swim Trunks
Patched Denim Jacket Green Layered Tee + Purple Layered Tee + Jeans
Sparkly Silver Pants Tan Suit Pants + Sparkly Pink Bow + Tuxedo Shoes
Superstar Shirt White Hollywood Shades + a Purple Mod Hat + Funky Flower Pants
Tie Dye Top Purple Pajama Top + Blue and Yellow Fleece + Flower Power Swimsuit Top
Toga White Jeans + Kinzville Academy Skirt + Flip Flops
Toy Soldier Hat Dude hat + Party hat + Funky Plaid Hat
Wizard’s Apprentice Robe Academy Sweater + Tuxedo Pants + Wizard’s Hat

Webkinz Badges Cheats

A Horse of Course badge adopt a horse
Dog’s Best Friend badge adopt a dog
Feline Companion badge adopt a cat
Friend of the Fish badge adopt a fish
Friend of the Fowl badge adopt a bird
Guess badge beat the Jellybean Challenge
It’s My Birthday badge sign in to your account on your birthday
Love to Give badge use 3 heart stamps to send a Kinzpost message
Month of Quizzy’s badge do daily bonus questions for one month
Quick Draw Winner badge beat Quick Draw
To get Dr. Quack’s Helper badge see Dr. Quack if you have a sick pet
Trivia is Terrific badge finish 50 questions at Quizzy’s Question Corner
Wacky Bingoz Big Winner badge beat Wacky Bingoz
Warm and Fuzzy badge click on “I Love My Webkinz” daily for one week
Wish Come True badge visit the Wish Factory and make a wish

Working Webkinz Cheats and Glitches

Checkers trick When your opponent is in front of you, click on your pawn and then click on your opponent’s pawn. Your pawn will be hidden.
Earn lots of KinzCash You need a friend for this to work. Go to the arcade and play the DiceKinz game. Take turns playing with your friend for an hour or more. You can also take turns clicking the “X” in the mini game for an hour or more to make lots of money.
Easter egg (only appears at Easter time) When you’re playing in your room you may see an Easter egg floating on the screen. Click on it to get chocolate Easter eggs. You can sell the eggs for 10 KinzCash at the W Shop.
Easy money Have at least one coupon and go to the W shop. Buy an item that you can’t afford and apply the coupon to it. Remove the coupon and exit the shop.
Get badges To get the Proud Pet Owner badge, you must have 10 pets. To get the Ultimate Webkinz Collector badge, you must have 300 pets.
Get the first word on Quizzy Word Click the shuffle button three times until you get the first bonus word. Do not click more than three times if you don’t want to lose points.
How to be popular Dress up in cool or cute clothes and have a lot of friends. Decorate your house and invite your friends and other Webkinz you don’t know. Hang out with other Webkinz and be friendly.
Sleep on the wrong end of the bed Put your pet to sleep on the bed. While your pet is sleeping, click on the bottom part of the bed and wait for a few seconds. Your pet should sleep on the part you clicked on.
Speed up Wheel of Wow Play Wheel of Wow at the arcade. Click on the “Spin” button and minimize your browser. Open another tab and go to any website. The wheel will spin very fast. Wait for a few seconds and open Wheel of Wow.
Stand on the bed Put your pet to sleep and talk to it while it is sleeping. Your pet will stand up as it answers you.
Uncommon gems Go to the Muzzle Mouth mine to find uncommon gems
Watch videos for money Go to WebkinzNews.com and go to “Fun.” You’ll see Pet of the Month videos. Look for videos with a film icon in the bottom left corner. Watch the video and answer the questions afterwards to get a prize. You can sell these prizes on Webkinz World for KinzCash.

KinzCash Cheats and Tricks

Using unauthorized KinzCash codes and cheats may get you banned from Webkinz, but you can still get plenty of KinzCash (around 2000 KinzCash per week) if you play arcade games and games at the tournament area.

  • Play Quizzy’s Question Corner and complete a set of questions to get 150 to 250 KinzCash every day.
  • Play Wheel of Wow daily to earn around 50 KinzCash.
  • Play Wishing Well 2 daily to earn around 50 KinzCash.
  • Click on the “The Care Award” under “My Pets” to get 10 KinzCash daily. You get a bonus if you do it every day for a week.
  • Do the Survey every day to get 50 KinzCash per week.
  • Play Wacky Log Out Carnival to get 100 KinzCash and food.
  • Sell things that you don’t want and don’t buy things you won’t use.
  • Look for hourly events on the Today’s Events page that offer KinzCash rewards or coupons for items, extra spins in Wheel of Wow or extra games.
  • Do plenty of jobs at the Employment Office to advance to the next level and earn more KinzCash.
  • Play harder games like KinzPost Sorter to earn more KinzCash.
  • Answer the newspaper survey to earn a bit of KinzCash.
  • Try to fill up the heart in the Webkinz Care Award every day. You’ll get more money, free food and a chance to win an exclusive item.
  • Go to the stadium and win a game to get lots of KinzCash.
  • Play the game of the day to earn more money.
  • Go to the Daily Activities and get Pixie Pod Seeds to play the game. If you win, you’ll get lots of KinzCash.
  • Play Cash Cow and maximize your bonuses by clearing the board before the next level.
  • Play Tile Towers to win 48 in KinzCash when you complete the first level.
  • Play Dogbeard’s Bathtub Battles and get 75-80 KinzCash if you win.

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