WWE Supercard Cheats and Hacks for Credits

At first glance, WWE SuperCard is a strange game. Pro wrestling mobile app game for Android and iOS and the game is based on cards? I had to scratch my head a bit but once I got into it, I was quickly hooked. Part strategy and all fun, WWE SuperCard is one of the most underated games available.

If you are a fan of the game like we are, WWE SuperCard hack may be something you might want to check out if you are low on credits. This will help you avoid purchasing credits with your real money and let the online generator add a ton of credits delivered to you instantly.

How to Hack WWE Supercard and Get More Credits

wwe supercard hackedOwning SuperCard is what will get you over the hump and by using WWE SuperCard online credit generator, you can now have all the in game currency you want. Easy and simple to use, the tool is intuitive and requires just a few steps to get going.

Check out what’s in store when you are using this credits hack for WWE SuperCard.

  • Add unlimited credits (up to 50,000 per day)
  • In beta stage to be rolled out to public release are unlimited energy cards and option to unlock all cards.
  • Works with Android and iOS devices
  • 100% Free for personal use
  • Unlike other hacks that are often found around the net, this online generator requires no download and only a short survey to process all the free credits diretly to your device.

Glitches and Cheats List for WWE SuperCard That Are Regularly Updated

Finally, Cat Daddy Games together with 2K Games have come up with a WWE card game which can be surely be enjoyed by the WWE fans out there. Just recently, an update known to be the game’s 2nd season was released, together with a new interface, characters, music, tokens, enhancements, and even a global chat. New to the game? Don’t worry. Get yourself access to WWE SuperCard cheats and you will be dominating your foes like it’s nothing.

1. As a beginner, you should choose opponents with high record of losses. Do this to ensure that you could defeat these opponents. These players are good to challenge since you’ll be imparting them a lesson on how to improve their game as well. Choosing weak opponents would also allow you to master the rules of the game.

2. Use common cards to train your stronger cards. Common cards aren’t really that useful to begin with so make use of them to make your other cards stronger. For each strong WWE legend or superstar, there is a level cap so you may want to sacrifice common cards to reach that.

3. Use rare cards for training as well that you obtained from using WWE Supercard cheat codes. The combination of both uncommon and rare cards to train your cards is a good practice. Build decks of stronger cards using these and sacrificing your cards is surely worth it.

4. Balance out what you have in your stash with cheats for WWE Supercard. It is preferable to keep at the minimum 8 rare WWE legends or superstars and 2 rare divas. For the King of the Ring mode, you may want to break this deck just so you could have a backup of rare and strong cards. If your main deck is losing energy, it is good to keep your rare cards.

5. Use your support cards at the right times. Before selecting your wrestler card, you should select your support card. You may use one card for every match so make it count. If a match needs high charisma, choose a support card that is suitable. Using toughness support card may not be a good choice.

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